How to plant carrots - useful tips

carrots in the garden - a very necessary and useful vegetable that is simply indispensable in the kitchen for a year mistress add it to hot meals, served at the table fresh and mixed salads.Carrot has a small value in the market, however, in the spring of this vegetable lovers will be in difficulty.Therefore, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with how to properly plant a carrot at home in the garden.That's why each garden certainly provides for the existence of beds for all this beloved culture.More experienced gardeners can share their years of experience on how to properly plant a carrot to get rich harvest of root crops.


It all depends on what sort of seeds you have purchased: sowing and care periods.Under the bed of carrot are advised to choose the area where the little weeds, because they might interfere with growing carrots, selecting all the vital juices to its growth.Sowing seeds should occur on loose soil, and it is desirable that its structure also included the sand.R

oot in heavy soil can grow crooked, curved and small.If the soil is constantly characterized by high levels of moisture, roots can rot and carrot into a "wooden" in the dry land.Also it is necessary to take into account the fact that the land should not be exhausted after certain types of domestic landings as carrots requires fertile soil.

How to plant carrots: simple and affordable steps

the beds allotted for the carrot, sprinkled with ash, it slotted groove to 3 cm deep, thus it is necessary to leave the aisle to 20 cm, and the edges of the beds to 12cm. The grooves have to shed water and sow them in the pre-prepared seeds.It will be sufficient to maintain the distance between them is 1.5 cm. Then furrow completely level with the ground.On top of the beds at a height of 15 cm is recommended to pull the film for a quicker germination, after which it is already possible to remove the film.Gardeners with experience often come up with their own methods for planting carrots to accelerate the process, some mixed material before sowing seed with sand, others pre-pasted one seed on each strip of tissue paper.Carrot seeds to pick up a toothpick dipped in glue and paper are applied every few cm on the paper.These paper tape lay in a groove, and sprinkle on top of the ground.Along the edges of the beds is planted radishes, which will rise quite quickly, while marking the rows of carrots, then you can start loosening early.Very useful is also the landing on a bed of carrot onion, as it is able to ward off the smell of carrot flies - dangerous pests of a root crop.At first, a bed is plenty of water, and when the first shoots turn green, reduce watering to a couple of times a week.And let not all seed will rise, however, after the formation of the first sprouts leaf recommend to thin out to leave the strongest plants.We hope that this article will enlighten you a little bit about how to properly plant the carrots.