When collecting willow-herb

Ivan-tea, or as it is called Koporye tea, quite undeservedly forgotten.And after all of this drink has a whole story, which is inherently linked to the Russian people.The main tea its name Koporye obliged Koporje village, located near St. Petersburg.They harvested the most of this traditional Russian drink.Now it seems unthinkable, but in the XVII century, Russia was the world's largest tea exporter.Ivan drank tea in Europe, where it was called Russian, and certainly our sailors took with them a little bit healthful beverage.

Today, we give tribute to this wonderful tea and talk about when to collect willow-herb and how you can prepare yourself.Do not be lazy and zagotovte this amazing drink for the winter.With the first sip, you feel the flavor of sunny meadows and enjoy the delicious delicate floral flavor.

When collecting willow-herb

No wonder there is a whole science of herbs, called the herbal medicine.It teaches us how to treat the plants as they cook, and in what proportions.After all,

even the most useful herb may lose all their property due to incorrect use and storage.No exception Koporye tea.Peasants from the youth knew when to collect willow-herb, because it is a little peretsvesti and drink will lose its flavor.Instead, fragrant flavor in your cup will float freshly hay.So when collecting willow-tea?Once the plant begins to bloom.After all, while the leaves and flowers accumulate a vital energy.We must pluck the flat leaves no holes in the middle of the plant, making sure that it does not hurt.Tea made not only leaves but also from flowers.

method for preparing willow-herb

Once collected leaves and flowers, they have to go through the process of fermentation.There are several techniques of fermentation and drying of tea, but we talk only about one of them.Thus, the leaves should be washed and cut, put in a saucepan.Cutting should be not too big, so that the plant could give juice.The optimal size - a leaf, cut into four parts.Then in the pan must be good to stretch their hands.At first, this may seem time-consuming task, but soon get used to your hands.At night, store the pot in the house and leave under the weight at room temperature.When will the fermentation process the leaves, you will notice that they changed color, becoming darker.Further, they must be dried.Of course, before the peasants did in the Russian furnace.Modern oven, of course, are far from ideal, but you can use them.Scatter the leaves on a baking sheet in a layer of 1.5 cm and dry at a temperature of 100 degrees.Another drying method: a cast iron frying pan put the fermented leaves, then they are on a very low heat for about 40 minutes.Then, stirring constantly, and increase the heat to medium, undergo the process of drying.Very handy to dry willow-herb in a device such as a dehydrator.Temperature therein does not exceed 50 degrees, thereby preserving all beneficial properties of medicinal drink.The flowers are willow-tea prepared in a similar manner.

Ivan Tea: treatment

Unlike the black varieties, Russian tea does not contain caffeine, and thus does not excite the nervous system.Also, a drink made from fireweed cleanses the blood, is the anti-tumor and anti-inflammatory agent, normalizes blood pressure.

Ivan-tea: properties and contraindications

This plant is one of the best honey plants, contains tannins, rich in vitamin C, sodium, magnesium, calcium, lithium and easily digestible protein.

Pregnant women should drink it with care, as well as people with high sensitivity.The individual intolerance of the plant, although the obvious contraindications and side effects have not been found fireweed.