How to grow eggplant and achieve high productivity

homeland eggplant is India.It is a herbaceous plant heat-loving, the fruits of which have an elongated shape and purple color.The harsh climatic conditions representative of the flora bred seedling method, and then transplanted into the greenhouse.To learn how to grow eggplant and get an excellent harvest, will be discussed in this article.Not every grower the strength to successfully cultivate this culture.In people, these vegetables are called "little blue".

How to grow eggplant: Sprouts

With the right approach to grow this vegetable is not difficult.Seedlings seeds are sown in early February.Before doing so, they are checked for quality and germination.About a month before sowing the seeds are placed in cloth bags and drop them on the night in warm water.Then take out, put in a dish and put in a warm place.Pouch constantly moisturize, trying to prevent it from drying out.After 5 days, the sprouts should hatch.This will determine the most promising items (10 seeds tend to germinate only half).Ma

ny gardeners are interested in the question of how to grow eggplant to protect them from pests and diseases?Before planting you need to pre-soak the seeds in a weak solution of potassium permanganate for 20 minutes (for disinfecting), and then rinse with water.Next you need to put the seeds in a cloth bag and put it in a warm nutrient solution for one day.Then the seeds spread on a plate and allowed to grow even more.The soil for seedlings of eggplant should consist of one part sod land and two parts humus.The box is filled with nutritious land, seeds sown.As soon as the shoots appear 2-3 leaf, it is necessary to transplant them in peat cups.Seedlings should be watered regularly with warm water and protect from drafts.It will be ready for planting in the ground after 2 months.

How to grow eggplant: planting in the greenhouse and care

The beds need to do from organic-rich soil.The greenhouse eggplants planted under the scheme 40 * 50.After landing in the greenhouse for three days, the plants need to be watered every day and shading.Later retirement should be to create a favorable atmosphere for the good development of the plant.To do this, water the plants in the morning, immediately after watering the soil loosened.Be sure to ventilate the greenhouse every day.This procedure allows you to protect against fungal diseases of eggplant.The cultivation of this crop in the country involves the regular feeding.The first time it made 20 days after planting.During the season it is necessary to feed the plant at least 4 times.During the formation of the fruit should be abundantly watered the eggplant.

Useful properties

Eggplant - a low-calorie vegetable.It contains a variety of vitamins, carotene and minerals are magnesium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, and others. The fruit plants are very useful for the elderly.They are good to use as a preventive measure in atherosclerosis, heart disease and gastro-intestinal diseases.


best-known varieties are such as diamond, black, handsome, Albatross, Violet miracle and others.They have different characteristics and indicators of productivity.For example, eggplant Diamond is a compact, low shrub 45-55 cm. This yield and early maturing varieties.Fruits are formed in the lower part of the plant.