Cultivation of hydrangeas and care tips

Hydrangea - bushy plant that grows in partial shade or in full sun.It responds well to fertile land and drainage, abundant watering, protection from frost.It belongs to the order of decorative, although it has a two-meter height.Her elongated, oval leaves with pointed ends, with each side having its own color: the bottom - a pale green, top - dark green.The inflorescence is plentiful, large - up to 35 cm in length, shaped like a pyramid.Color are white and yellow, in the future there is a light red color.Very nicely shows its flowers hydrangea garden.She collects them in a inflorescence in the form of an umbrella with a maximum diameter of 35 cm. In the south, Ukraine and the Caucasus is very common hydrangea growing in open ground.

breeding methods

growing hydrangeas produced in several ways.The most common are conducted in the spring by spilling seed in unheated greenhouses or cooked boxes cover.Earth is not sprinkled on top.In order to avoid washout of seeds during watering, spraying is used.

Dive seedlings in a greenhouse on a prepared seedbed for the next year.

cutting, coils ODA

Growing Hydrangeas such method involves the use of young and strong shoots.Branch bends to the ground, on top of the cargo pressed stone or earth.Top escape tied to a stake.The following year, entrenched branch cut off from the main bush.


Cuttings used for growing hydrangeas as a houseplant.Rooting cuttings with two pairs of leaves in a mixture of peat and sand.But before that, they are treated with a stimulant for the formation of roots.Rooting takes a couple of weeks, the first blossoms appear in the second year.To the first year flowered hydrangea garden, growing produce on a specially developed technology of reproduction.

transplant houseplant

After rooting growing hydrangeas moves to the next stage.Seedlings are transplanted in small pots.To use peat soil, sand, leaf earth in equal proportions.As growth check is carried out of the bushes secondary transplant in a large container.You can add ground dolomite flour - it's a great dressing.


most important thing for this bush - a rich and timely watering, as well as the landing site.Many varieties of hydrangeas love dark places, almost cease to grow in full sun, the flowers are small.This shrub does not tolerate rammed earth, so it is necessary to carry out loosening the soil around it - at least three times per season.But the growing hydrangeas is complete without the application of dressings.Manure as a fertilizer combined with irrigation.A timely application of fertilizers contribute to the overall development of the bush.In the spring, when the buds are dormant, pruned podmerzshie and weak branches.Stems are cut, the same age of three, four kidneys.Such pruning will increase frost bush and its splendor during flowering.The old roots are removed at the very base.