How to properly tie raspberries

Malina - is a shrub with a round stem, seated straight spines and giving a lot of shoots.In the first year the plant branches green, and then they gradually woody.In their place, from the same root grow new shoots.Flowers at the plants are small, gathered in panicles.Raspberries are usually red.Pulp her with small stones.Flowering of the flora begins in June.To receive and save a good crop, you need to do the garter plants.To learn how to properly tie a raspberry, it will go further.This plant is very popular with gardeners.

species, varieties and ripening raspberries

Malina is divided into the following classes: traditional, large-fruited and remontant.Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

traditional varieties characterized by high reliability.They are easy to adapt to different types of soil.The only negative - the low productivity of this type of raspberries.Large fruited varieties have good berries.They are large, fragrant and sweet.In remontant varieties of raspberries ha

rvest shoot twice per season.Wherein the second may be larger than the first.Fruiting this grade up to the frost.

All of these varieties are available and general quality.Berry is three ripening: Early ripe, mid and late.Characteristics in fact very much.The fruit can be sour and sweet, red and black, yellow and orange.The plant itself can be winter-hardy or who fear frost resistant to diseases or prone to various ailments and so on. N. For early-maturing species include such varieties as "runaway", "Scarlet Sails", "Bryansk", "Vega", "cascade""Cumberland" and others.Middle-grade "Arbat", "balm", "gold hussar", "spark", and others. Late-grade "mirage", "ruby", "putnitsa", "capital", "Taganka" and others.

Care raspberries, planting, pruning

Raspberry prefers sunny places.With a lack of light shoots strongly stretched, and the yield falls.Growing raspberries is well on wet soils, but can not tolerate waterlogging.On sections it planted in rows in small trench.Dig them about half a meter wide and a depth of about 30 cm. At the bottom lay the manure and other fertilizers, and then all mixed with the ground.The scheme of planting: 1.5 m x 0.5 m. Raspberries need to be watered, mulch with straw or sawdust and trim the overgrown shoots.After harvesting cut all the stems, which are more than two years, as well as dried.

How to tie raspberries

Gardeners use different methods of garter.Usually put on the edges of raspberry bars (height up to 2.25 m).They digged to a depth of about half a meter, the distance between columns - 3,5 m. At different heights from the ground wire is pulled.This design takes up little space, what is convenient for small areas.Before you tie raspberries better mark where columns will stand and will be tensioned wire, taking into account the height of the plants.You can also use another method.Columns height of about 3 m digged into the ground to a depth of about half a meter.The distance between them should be about 4 m. Then, each column is fixed by two transverse plates.Thereafter the supports parallel to the desired distance from each other and at a suitable height tensioned wire.Before you tie raspberries, you need to plan where they will stand bars.This method enables a larger amount of crop.