Goat willow Pendula: planting and care, pruning, diseases, reviews, photos

Few people know this plant as goat willow Pendula.Planting and care is easy.And to get started is to tell what kind of plant, and why it is grown.

amazing plants

Goat Willow - is one of the species of trees that are grown for decoration Garden.This plant looks just like his great friend, only its height does not exceed 1.5 meters.Toupee krona consists of green leaves with white patches.In some countries, this tree has a different name - Bredin.Goat willow can be found along the roads, in the woods or in the mountains.He likes to grow on moist soils mainly near the various reservoirs.If you want to decorate your garden with something interesting, then this is perfect goat willow Pendula.Planting and care of the tree a simple, but first analyze how to choose the right plant.

Selection of planting material

Arriving in the nursery, you should know exactly what to look for to buy a tree as goat willow Pendula.Planting and care will depend directly on the quality of seedlings.We suggest you conside

r the following these tips:

Council 1. clarify how way to get process.Today there are two basic methods:

  • cropping;
  • vaccination.

Guided by this information, we can identify further care of the tree.

Council 2. If you have used the second method, then inspect the site of inoculation.It is not allowed the presence of dead scales on bark.The trunk should be straight and strong.

Council 3. Buy only the goat willow, which has a high winter hardiness.

Here are some simple guidelines to help buy the correct and healthy plant, such as goat willow Pendula.Planting and care - these are the following important steps.

How to grow beautiful weeping?

So, if you decide to make the site interesting, an excellent option is considered goat willow Pendula.Planting and Care, photo which shows further evidence of its uniqueness.Let us examine more nuances landing.

willow grows in any soil.It is considered one of the few hardy plants.If you want to choose the perfect place for a tree, then suitable medium loam.Even close ground water do not interfere with the plant to fully develop.Then hold the landing on the following algorithm:

  1. Prepare a hole the size of 50 * 50 * 40 cm (width, length, depth).
  2. Add to compost, humus, peat.All must be in equal proportions.
  3. Do not forget the fertilizer.It is enough to pour 300 grams per plant root.
  4. All contents of the pit mix thoroughly.
  5. Now you can plant a tree.
  6. Upon completion of work do not forget about a thorough watering.

goat willows take root easily.Planting can be carried out for seven months - from April to October - with the proviso that the tree closed root system.Behind it is necessary to make sure that she does not have time to dry out.If plant roots are exposed, it is best to carry out planting in early spring until the first buds, or early autumn, preferably in September.Here we are with you and figured out how to grow goat willow Pendula.Caring for a tree, consider further.

Caring for plants

In the main tree care includes:

  • watering.In the first year of life, this sort of willow requires abundant moisture.Weeping Beauty should consume about 50 liters of water for two weeks.If the summer is too dry, then the volume of leaves in a shorter time.On the second, third and subsequent years, only one irrigation, which can be carried out every week.
  • fertilizer.Over the entire period from early spring until autumn willow should be fed two or three times.For this approach complex fertilizers.In September, the tree fed superphosphate potassium or sulfur.If the leaves appear dark patina, the use for the treatment of copper oxychloride.
  • Mulching.It helps retain moisture and stop the growth of weeds.For this ideal peat, paper, sawdust, expanded clay or gravel.All this material is crushed and scattered under the tree on top of the soil.
  • Loosening.If the ground under the plant is too withered and cracks, they should be removed.To do this, loosen the soil after watering every other day.
  • Preparing for winter.This phase of care is also important.To plant a well-shifted our harsh winter, trunk muffle cover material.This procedure is used for trees younger than three years.

We have considered how to properly care for such plants as goat willow Pendula.Pruning - is another main type of care that we pay special attention.

Nothing extra

Root pruning is recommended in the first year of life.Cut all the shoots, leaving only 15 cm and a healthy kidney, which is facing up.This is the beginning of formation of proper and beautiful crowns of willows.Adult trees also require circumcision, but do it after flowering.To Willow was thick, shorten all shoots on 2/3 of the total length.Do not forget that all the dry and diseased branches are removed immediately.As a result, you should get shatroobraznoe tree with strong, healthy and beautiful shoots.

for correct and timely care willow thank you with their amazing flowering.Fighting is not only branches, but also with the disease, a variety of pests.

Let's treat!

If you choose to grow in your garden is something that can not be seen in everyone, then you perfect goat willow Pendula.Diseases and pests - this is the only thing that can dampen growing, and illnesses can be dealt with.

Consider how pests and diseases is exposed willow:

  1. Willow moth.Harms tree on the larvae or caterpillars.To get rid of the insect, can be sprayed with chemicals willow, which are commercially available in specialty stores.
  2. fly flower.First, let's find a place to live larvae.Remove the top layer of soil, if they're located, you will find them all at once.Remove the flies can, watering the soil with a weak solution of potassium permanganate.If that fails, then come to the aid of insecticides.
  3. Powdery Mildew.It is representative of a fungal disease that reproduces at high speed.In due time you need to remove the bad leaves.You can hold the spray formulation, the effect of which is aimed at combating fungal diseases.Recommended under a tree to replace part of the soil.
  4. blackspot.To avoid it, it is necessary to reduce the contact of leaves with water.On the street it is sometimes difficult to make, so choose the place where the willow will continue to blow a breeze.Fight with black spots helps timely weeding of weeds and removing debris under the tree.

In conclusion

I want to say that not for nothing that many people choose and learn planting and caring for such an amazing and beautiful plants as goat willow Pendula.Reviews indicate that the tree is in demand and is considered the most unpretentious.Do not be afraid of you.Buy, grow and enjoy their willow!