Knitted gloves as an accessory

Because each person - the owner of a strictly individual characteristics of each hand, the knitting can be a standard set of loops, adding them to the standard amount, the process can only comply with the method of knitting.

If you make knitted gloves for the first time, either knit them for yourself, or what, to whom you can come up with a fitting at each stage of implementation.His first glove better start with models without patterns (complex).Use different colors, but based on the general technique.

This article will be discussed on how to create a fingerless gloves.Knits with free fingers will look like on the hand as a fashion accessory.To their knitting, you will need up to 130 grams of cotton yarn with a weight of 50 g to 125 m, a set of needles №3.The paper will be used the following abbreviations: n. - A loop, p.- Number, circle.- The circular.

Knitted gloves are always performed in a circular spiral with five spokes.You should begin from the wrist.Usually they are tight knit patterns, h

osiery knitting method using patterns or color bars.

To get started, try to tie the left glove to fit a woman's hand.But above all, do not forget to take your measurements:

  • Circle brush is equal to about 19 cm.
  • length of future products from the wrist to the base of the thumb - up to 6 cm.
  • from the wrist to the base of the little finger about 9 cm.
  • From the wrist to the base of the index finger of the order of 10 cm.

quantitative calculation

With needles №2 way tie stocking st one sample.On it you will be able to determine the density of the style of knitting, for example, three and a half loops on the length of one centimeter.Now you can easily calculate the total number of loops: 3.5 p. 19 cm wrist circumference is equal to 66.5 p. The result is rounded to the nearest whole number, reducing up to 66 loops.If the number is arithmetically divided by 4, i.e.not a multiple of the number of spokes reduce the loop to a multiple of four, to properly perform the gloves.Knitting, these cute products at the right calculation are obtained with the correct form of the hand.

Knit left glove cuff

be separated from the gloves.Her need to link in a circle, cut and fasten thread.And starting from the edge of the wrist cuff with the 5th paragraph. From the very beginning of a circular series.The first circular row begins with the first loop, then repeated rapport with 8 loops twice and the remaining 25 loops knit 1st row.Since last 12 series.With the following terms.R.hand knit on the first 23 n. of persons.smooth surface (inner side of the palm) and to continue on the back of 25 p. More Knit an even number.


Home wedge locate on the 4th spoke.It should start after the gum.The first addition is done by connecting the loop, do not touch the latter.Then - nakida, the last loop knit front again nakida.The following four laps - without additions.The second addition will be without last 3 sts. Before and after the loops nabroste one nakida.Now the spoke added 4 p. Subsequent additions - 3-4 range, each time not dovyazyvaya odd number of loops.Upon reaching the base of the finger off the addition.Tie a loop before the loop wedge them in turn strung on two pins.Above them, an air loop, which will be half.Knitting can be up to that height as thought knitted gloves, and then cut the thread and fasten.

hole pinky

hinges are divided into the 2nd and 3rd needles.Tie n. Second needles to the little finger and perekin'te 8 p. Per pin, and the other - 7 3rd needles.Further, lashed out at the 2nd needle 4 air n., Tie a loop in the third spoke.All knitting concentrated on the spokes 3, 4th is still working.Tie 3-4 range, reaching the base of the index finger.

hole forefinger

Place at 7 p. In two spokes and work by hand.Attach the thread.Knit 7 facial loops, add a loop over 7 liters.Add another loop, throw in the third needle 3 n. Of loops of the middle finger.Spread evenly on the loop 3 spokes.On the the number of loops.Knit possible to the desired height, and then cut the thread and fasten.

hole middle finger

hinges on three needles were placed at 8, 8 and 7. Remove the thread 9 loops on the 1st needle to the upper half of your products, and the 2nd place the needle 7 p. From the bottom.Dial 4 loops of the new bridge and four loops knit upper halves of the 4th needle knit remaining 4th loop, add them to the 4 th air.Follow the finger as well as the index.

hole ring finger

hinges with a working thread dump the spokes in the proportion of 7, 7 and 3, taking the start from the top half.Spokes with three loops type of jumper middle finger loops.Then knit in a circle, like the old before his fingers.That ended your first knitted gloves.