Knitted vests - Appliances "enterlak"

For many needlewomen knitting - is not just a fascinating hobby, but also an opportunity to make an original gift to someone you know.What can warm the soul better than a love crocheted waistcoats for the men of our family?We think of them when the loops one by one come out of our hands, turning the thin thread in a warm cozy vest.

on the Web site, you may have encountered a number of interesting models.This knitted vest with fur, firmly entered into vogue in the last few years, and outfits for children with funny drawings in the style of intarsia.All of them are interesting enough in performance and deserves a separate description.Today we will look knitted vests in the art "enterlak."Cloth, bound in a way similar to a wicker basket, it is very elastic and pleasant to the touch.Technique "enterlak" involves the use of the yarn of one or more colors, so the work can take a thread left over from the previous products.

What you will need:

- brown mohair yarn skein 3 of 50 g;

- beige skein 2 of 5

0 g;

- 2 sand skein of 50 g;

- golden-brown 2 skeins of 50 g;

- circular knitting needles on the line;

- hosiery needles 5 pcs.

Technique knit

1-3 row: knit two purl rows loop backstitches, facial - facial.

4-18 range: in facial ranks of the left side is added one face crossed loop of pulling, when knitting of the base web (eg, gum belt) in each new row employ the personal in a viscous one loop of the base web.Thus provyazyvaem triangles along the entire width of the article.

common thread of the second color recruit loop from the edge at the end of each series of the back knit together the last loop and loop 1 of the first color, gradually connecting the triangle and the square of the second color.Above the triangle formed by each square, knitting takes place without interrupting the thread of the same color.

In the next row of squares, you can use a third color, picking up the loop from the edge and continue knitting on the same principle.

Knitted vests: Getting Started

recruited spokes loop, the amount of which is calculated on the connected model.For a 50-gauge is 288 loops.Knitting yarn brown gum 1x1 height of 6 cm, then provyazyvaem number of triangles of the same color, they get 16 pcs.

If you are knitting yarn product of several colors, move to the next color, as seen in the pictures, then go back to your knitting brown thread.So we continue to work until we reach the armhole.From this place done separately back and front of the vest, the figure will tell you where to make the bevels on the neck and armhole.By sleeveless shoulder seams can be stitched directly or connect the squares together so that the seam is not visible.At the finished product tied with a rubber band armholes and neckline, hang it on the hanger for the jersey.To steam ironing and painting enterlak undesirable, so sprinkle vest water spray and gently pull.

Knitted vest style enterlak look original and elegant, they can be an excellent gift or a favorite thing in your wardrobe.When you have mastered this technique, make sure it is easy to choose the size of the rectangle to perform a wide variety of models.If your kids wear knitted vests for boys and girls can use a palette of warm shades of bright yarn.