Flowers of felt - hand-made jewelry

excellent material from which to make different crafts that can decorate not just any apartment, but also become a wonderful toys and gifts, is felt.Products made of felt for a long time are able to maintain its attractive appearance.This kind of felt not fray or even wrinkled.Crafts made of felt with their hands to do is quite simple.In addition, they are very different in appearance and size.It may be napkins, coasters, are not afraid of hot toys (Christmas trees, trees, bunnies), pillows and more.However, the most popular colors of felt, because the quality work they are different from the living unless the lack of a pleasant aroma.They can be a wonderful show.

Flowers of felt can be placed in a vase, if they attach additional hard stems.They also look great as ornaments on the hair, and can also serve as a brooch on a stylish dress or any other dress.

Flowers of felt may have a different technique, in spite of this,
can make them even novice mistress.The simplest product is a fantasy flower f

or which you will need only a small strip of felt, thread or glue, and scissors.

rectangular strip must be folded in half lengthwise and sew the edges.After that, all along the length of the material (on a bend) makes a small incision.At the same time the most important thing - do not reach the stitched edge.The resulting small accordion must be twisted together into a roll.In the course of this work for the greater rigidity of the flower petals can be glue.The final stage will be smoothing out the petals to give a more accurate view of the product, as well as decorating it with small beads or ladybug.

also made of felt, you can make a beautiful rose.For this purpose the paper or cardboard to make patterns which will later be cut flower petals.The main thing here - to make patterns of different sizes and shapes.They should be round (large and small) and oval.The template to the material, encircle them and begin to cut blanks for products made of felt.

Now you can start creating a rose.First, you need to take one round
tab and turn it into a roll.Then use the other circles are wrapped obtained midway flower.To the pieces is not broke, they should ask the base.Similarly, you must sew all rose petals, independently making sure that some of them get more twisted, and others - more even.Bud adhered to several stitched together a large mug of felt, which will act as a base of the flower.To impart a natural appearance to the finished product, to the lower part can be glued or sewn somewhat oval pieces of material cut from the green felt.Thus, you get a flower with leaves.Excellent imitation of droplets of dew will be sticking small beads or rhinestones transparent.

Flowers of felt made from colored material will be an excellent substitute for vibrant colors that are not ashamed to put in a prominent place in your home.