Easter Crafts - four ideas for children and adults

To light holiday all prepared in the same awe as the New Year or birthday.And because Easter crafts created in the close family circle, it is best to give the atmosphere of pre-spirit that reigns in the house.

Holiday Cards, Easter eggs and sweets - that's what will make this an unforgettable wonderful day.

decorate eggs

tradition to give someone leaves eggs for Easter in the old days, Mary Magdalene and the emperor Tiberius.It is white and red egg - a symbol of the fact that Christ is truly risen.But today we can step back a little from tradition.

Eggs with bright flowers

In order to make these crafts to Easter, you will need:

  • three hard-boiled eggs;
  • sequins three shades;
  • double sided tape;
  • hair dryer, paper and scissors.

From the double-sided tape cut flowers freeform.Then they gently attach to the egg, while the front of the flowers remains closed with a protective film.Each type of sequin carefully distributed on paper.Next to the figures pasted protective film is removed,

and each egg is driven around in one of the types of sequins.As soon as the last fully cover the pattern of scotch eggs gently blown hair dryer on the lowest speed.

Mr. and Mrs. Egg

Easter crafts for children should bring a smile and fun.These are fun crafts you can make using boiled eggs, black and red felt-tip pens, cardboard with a color pattern, pencil, glue and scissors.

From cardboard cut out the arc, the lower edge of which is equal to the volume of eggs, and the top of its more than five centimeters.After that arc glued.On egg markers drawn funny faces.The egg is placed in the resulting basket so that the latter formed a "clothes."

Crafts Paper Easter

nice to get a greeting card for any occasion.A paper greeting made by children's hands, touch the hearts of all adults.

Postcard "Easter chickยป

For her need: blue, white, green, red, yellow, thin cardboard, glue, a pair of small "eye" of paper, scissors and a pencil.Because green and white cardboard cut out to be two of the same shape and size of eggs.Yellow - a circle of diameter not exceeding the widest section of the eggs.Out of the blue - small circles, and red - an elongated triangle.

White triangle is cut in such a way as to obtain half of cracked eggs.At its lower part fixed blue circles.The yellow circle is made an incision at the edge of thin strips to create the effect of down.His eyes glued to the middle.On the green egg attaches just above the middle of the yellow circle, then - "cracked" white shells.Between the eye with overlapping on the white part of the fixed red triangle - the beak.Card ready.

Sweet framing

Crafts Easter will help solve the problem of how to present sweets for the holiday, namely: to make paper basket.For her also need colored cardboard, scissors, shaped punch, scissors, glue and a pencil.

From cardboard cut out the arc on the principle described above.Only this time, the lower arc of the circle will be equal to cake molds.From cardboard cut out of a different color band, which will handle the basket and punch extruded shaped Easter motive.The preform under basket glue on it is fixed handle and circumferentially allowed harvested patterns.Inside the cake is placed.

bright celebration will be fun when the whole family to do such fun crafts for Easter.