How to grow cucumbers in the open ground, from planting to harvesting

order to cucumbers grown in the open field, first of all, you want to select a suitable site.It should be sunny and not be influenced by the cold northern winds.Once decided on the spot, they begin to prepare the ground.How to grow cucumbers in the open ground, what the soil needs, consider further.

If the site was dug up in autumn, checked only the composition of the soil.A good option is considered, when watering not formed puddles and the soil remains loose.Then the roots penetrate to a depth of free and receive adequate nutrition and water.Heavy soils can be ennobling additives rotted sawdust, chopped straw, straw or peat.

If there is a section on the ground on which the bad harvests, in this soil is added complex fertilizers.They contain superphosphate, ammonium nitrate and potassium sulphate, if a part alkaline soil.For areas with acidic soils, wood ash is added.

first selected varieties of cucumbers for open field.Grades are divided into pollinated by bees, and those for which the bees are

not needed, they are self-pollinating.

begin to sow the seeds after the established warm weather, that is, in late spring.Before sowing the seeds are processed selected: two o'clock warmed at a temperature of 50 - 60 degrees.Then placed in an aqueous solution, which includes 1 liter of water, 5 grams of superphosphate, 10 grams of potash.In solution, the seeds are 10 minutes.

Take the soaked seeds of the solution, they are mixed with dry seeds and start sowing.Before you grow cucumbers in the open ground, make ridges.They are divided into rows spaced 50 centimeters.Wells seed made so that the distance between them was 4 cm.

How to grow cucumbers in the open ground, and preserve all the crops?For good growth of plants need air and water, but the first time after landing should refrain from watering.The crust that forms on the spot watering, prevents the passage of air, and it needs to be loosened.If loosening hold up germination, you can damage the young shoots.

After the seedlings will need plenty of water cucumber in the evening with warm water.If a large number of rose seeds, plants begin to oppress one another, then you need to remove when weeding unnecessary shoots, leaving the plants at a distance of 15 cm.

Produced half of the work, and the question of how to grow cucumbers in the open ground, and now half-solved.In good weather, the sun begins flowering of cucumber and a half months.A sunny weather - this hot weather.Therefore, it is important to water the plants copiously every evening and in the morning gently loosen the soil, so as not formed crust.If

before sowing have the right amount of fertilizer, the leaves are bright.If the leaves have faded - you need to make a top-dressing of potassium or ammonium nitrate, adding a bucket of water 10 grams of the substance, and spray the evening.

now remains to harvest and no longer worry about how to grow cucumbers in the open ground and provide fresh vegetables for his family.