Night Beauty - Flower cultivation is not difficult

Flowers - beautiful.It is absolutely and undeniably.The color names are their primary characteristic.Plant with a beautiful, poetic name "night beauty" - a flower cultivation which began in 1582.Its official name - mirabilis, which is Latin for "wonderful", "extraordinary".It really is.Surprisingly there are a lot.

Firstly, just three countries officially considered his homeland.It - Chile, Peru and Mexico.In these countries mirabilis grows as a perennial because of the warm and humid climate.Secondly, he called the night a beauty without reason.This flower opens its petals and blossoms in the evening until dawn.Thirdly, on the same plant flowers bloom different colors, giving it a special exotic.The color range is diverse: from white and yellow to crimson, sometimes a flower can be two-color or even striped.Surprising and the process of flowering.Each flower lives only one night, and the morning fades and his place is taken by a fruit-box, but the next night the whole bush again strewn with colorful

flowers have extremely pleasant aroma.That is why the night beauty - flower cultivation which delivers a lot of surprises and fun.

in Russia mirabilis is grown as an annual because of the very cold winters.The best soil for it - loam or clay with a small amount of limestone.Night Beauty - flower is very delicate, it can not tolerate acidic soils and wet, and cold temperatures.The seeds of this plant should be sown in special greenhouses in early April in the open ground it can be sown only in the beginning of May.Greenhouse shoots dive in pots and planted in June.Keep it can tubers like dahlias.However, if this is not possible, it is well propagated by seeds.Mirabilis has good germination, is unpretentious and does not require special care.In our country there are cases where the tubers of the plants wintered in the ground and no freezes.To do this, they need to be pre-okuchit fall, fill and cover with a layer of sawdust.

Many experienced growers allocate a number of advantages of this flower.One of them is resistance to drought.At such a time mirabilis does not die, but only stops the growth and flowering - as though asleep.Scrub night beauty reaches a height of one and a half meters, is strong, profusely showered with flowers and exudes fragrance.That is why it is most often planted in the recreation area of ​​any park or garden plot.During the day, it creates an aesthetic background, and in the evening shocking amazing flowering.Night Beauty - flower cultivation florist that delivers true joy.

If you want to decorate your home with something extraordinary, something not far to seek.Night beauty - this is what you need.It should be planted in pots and highest floor you can enjoy the beauty and fragrance of this plant every evening.As you can see, night beauty - flower cultivation is possible in the home.This is a houseplant will make a romantic mood in any situation.