Knitted socks: learning to knit the heel

There are many ways to tie the socks or stockings with needles, but the most simple and time-tested option - is knitting on five needles hosiery seamless.The disadvantage of circular knitting is the inability to use the jacquard patterns, which once again firmly in vogue.Of course, experienced and skilled workers can solve this issue, but we will work with monochrome or melange yarn.I tell you a secret that the most informal knitted stockings are obtained from the thread "Crazy", but they need to adapt himself.So if you're not quite sure of his skills, prepare 3 skeins "Merino deluxe" or similar in composition.When vyvyazyvanii immediately stops you can add a second thin thread of cotton or synthetics, not to wipe the soles.Use hosiery needles №3 circular or short fishing line.

Knit Golf

recruited hosiery needles number of loops, calculated by the model is approximately 76 loops.Distribute evenly over the loop 4 needles and knit gum 2x2 5 cm, then go to stocking st.To mark the back seam, every sec

ond row last 2 loops with 4 spokes provyazyvaem Wrong.10-12 cm width begin to diminish.

Knitted socks should encircle the leg, so provyazyvayte with 2 hinges on the right and left of the back seam as often as you need it for your legs.Calculate the number of loops can diminish, if we subtract from the original dialed number (76) loop, which is enough for the ankle (46), and distribute the resulting difference (30) 8 cm subtraction.In our case we diminish by two loops in each second row.

When our knitted socks reached the required length, starting vyvyazyvayut heel.Is transferred to one half of the needle loops (24) so ​​that the back seam was located strictly in the middle, and knit 16 rows stocking st.Then knit in the personal series of 15 loops, 2 n. Together and expand the work.Each of the following series of personal tally 7 2 n. Together, turning, until it has a heel.

Knitting foot recruit from edge to 8 loops, to the total number again became 46, and continue to work stocking st to the base of the little finger, and then uniformly diminish loop provyazyvaya with 3 on both sides of knitting or 2 together four timesEvery second row.When the spokes will be 1 loop, the thread is pulled through it and display it on the wrong side of the product, where we fix a few stitches.Now we have to steam through the fabric knitted socks warm iron, and they are ready.

Knitted socks spoke good at using Irish braid or Aranov.These spectacular relief patterns alternate stripes backstitches loops that make it easy to add or diminish the loop without changing or deforming the main pattern knitting.Quite accurately calculated by the above scheme, the order of subtraction of loops, and knitted socks sit on the foot like a second skin.Show a little patience, and you will be able to link the exclusive golf or warm socks Irish patterns.I wish you a successful solution of the most difficult tasks!