Crafts improvised for children and adults

We are surrounded by a lot of interesting things.It would seem that the simplest things that we throw out without regret, can serve as an excellent platform for crafts improvised.If there is a desire, imagination and a creative streak, it should look more closely at the things around.Suddenly something will attract?

Crafts improvised have great potential for developing the children's classes.This kind of activity allows kids to develop their imagination, creative thinking.During the classes will work actively handle and the fingers of the child, which, in turn, positively affect the thinking and speech development.In addition, children's crafts improvised - a great opportunity for preschool age children (and older kids too) to please mom, dad or grandparents gift for the holiday.

So, what can be useful for creating crafts improvised their own hands?Almost all!Cotton pads, plastic bags, caps, old CDs, plastic bottles, fallen leaves.

very generously our nature.So why not take advantage of it?For exa

mple, children are easily done with the help of parents is simple panels.

To do this:

  1. go to the park and collect autumn leaves.
  2. Take a sheet of cardboard, draw the contour of an owl on it, cut.
  3. paste the resulting figure compiled a natural material, starting from the bottom.This should be done so that the leaves overlap, creating the effect of plumage.
  4. 're just glued my eyes, beak and feet.As the latter can be used as the leaves bright red or crimson color.And you can do all of the colored paper.For the eyes cut out four circles: two large and two small yellow black.First glue the yellow circles, and they have put a black pupils.Beak and legs cut out from red paper.

This way you can make not only the owl, but absolutely any animal: cows, horses, bunnies, fish.For example, because:

certainly enjoy rebyatnya gay penguins.And all you need, and with two plastic bottles, glue, paint and a little imagination.

  1. Two plastic bottles cut off halfway.We need only the bottom.
  2. lower parts are glued to each other.
  3. We've got the body of the future of the penguin, which now must be painted white.
  4. Then we transform the workpiece by means of multi-colored paint and your imagination: draw a black tuxedo, a white breast and leaving the muzzle, representing the eyes, nose, stock a resident of the Antarctic cap and a scarf to keep cold.

way, some improvised crafts can bring tangible practical benefits.You can, for example, to build an unusual bag.It is necessary for this durable plastic bags cut into strips, put them together to get the length of the thread.Next, we need a hook, with which you can associate a beach or shopping bag.For example, here such:

Or this:

As you can see, improvised crafts can bring a lot of joy to both children and adults.You just need to connect your imagination to everyday objects received a second life.