Dry felting under force to everyone!

to diversify the gray days, dilute the daily routine, you need to have a hobby.This should be an activity that you really like to help relax in the free minute and spend time with benefits.

Recently, it became very popular dry felting of wool or as it is called, felting .With this technique you can create souvenirs, jewelry, soft toys.In this work, no big deal, so dry felting for beginners to master quite easy.

process is tangling the wool fibers together, which, compacted, transformed into a felt or felt weight.Tools for felting - a special needle with barbs.

What is needed for dry felting?

to shop for crafts can be purchased not spun wool and needles of different thicknesses.In addition, you need to buy a sponge thicker.It we take in order to not accidentally prick the fingers of a table or a needle.If your product has to be voluminous, it is best to replace synthetic padding of the wool, sinceit is much cheaper.The very foundation of the product can be made from syntepon and shell - made

of wool.Note that the dry felting about a third shrinkage of wool, so the raw material is more than the planned size of your product.

So, start working.To do this, we take a sufficient amount of wool, forming a rough outline of the future products (for example, if you have a bead, then roll down the ball of wool), put it on a sponge and proceed to felting.This is quite simple: in a ball of wool poke a needle and gently rotate it.Needle, clinging to the wool fibers notches, confuses and seal coat.
Be careful, because the needle felting pretty sharp.Make punctures carefully to avoid injury.You do not need to beat with force - so you can break the needle.In no case should not hold the workpiece on the weight.Start with a large dry felting needles, and as sealing products replace them with more subtle.The needle should be kept strictly perpendicular to the plane of the article, otherwise it could become entangled in the hair and break.

If the product does not consist of one, but of several parts, the first matted each item separately, and then using a small piece of wool will be privalyat them to each other.If you are making a child's toy, for the greater strength of the finished product parts can sew, thread and hide the top privalyav hair.

It may happen that in the process of felting form irregularities.This is easily fixable!You just need a little privalyat top coat.This dry felting and well - if you make a mistake, do not alter the product again, everything is corrected fairly quickly and easily.

dry felting best to start with the most simple products, such as beads.When you have mastered the technique, you can switch to the production of more complex objects.
dry felting is convenient because it does not need a lot of space.It can also be combined with other activities such as socializing with friends or watching movies.And this activity allows for almost any creative venture, you only need to get a hair color and highlight the time.Besides felting - wonderful stressoterapiya.This process is very soothing, and the joy of articles made with his own hands for a long time uplifting.