How to tie vest female spoke three days

As you may have noticed, knitwear jackets are back in vogue in all its diversity.This gives us the opportunity to choose the style knitted vest according to your taste and tie it just three days.I propose to consider the classical model, on which you can create your own version of the product with some minor amendments.

Knitting: vest female

What we need to work?

- circular knitting needles on the line № 3.

- Knitting hosiery №3.

- Yarn half-woolen «Cashmere gold», 320 m to 100 g, 3 skeins.

- Decorative buttons in tone.

knit vest female, we will without side seams, single canvas.Generally, if the pattern allows knitting seamless greatly simplifies the process of work and the further care of the jersey.

for 48 - 50 size of type on the spokes 256 loops, 2 of which edge.Knit gum 2x2 height 30 - 35 cm, and then begin to make out the armhole.The number of personal remove an edge, provyazyvaem on drawing 60 p., Close 6 para., Provyazyvaem 122 n. A drawing, close 6 p. And knit in pattern until the

end of the series.

From that moment on shelves and back are carried out separately, the working thread - from the left shelf.Each of the following personal number from the armhole to close on line 2, 2, 1, 1, 1, and a loop until the spokes will not be 54 loops.Further, if our female vest with V-neck, proceed to the design of the neck.For this purpose the end of each series of facial provyazyvaem together the second and third from the end of the loop so that the second lay on, forming a braid along the cutout.Closing the loop up to the moment when the spokes 24 will not loop.Provyazyvaem another 2 rows in pattern and remove the loop on the stocking supporting needle.Left shelf ready.

Likewise knit right front, remove the second loop auxiliary needle.

Vest Women's Knit back

Bind working yarn and knit 122 n. Personal number, then at the beginning of each row are closing in turn 2, 2, 1, 1, and 1 loop for processing the armholes on the spokes is 108 loops.Knit pattern for 53 rows, then personal provyazyvaem 29 loops, close to 50 p., Finish row.At each ordinary personal number from the mouth shut in turn 2, 2, 1 loop, the spoke will be 24 loops.Provyazyvaem 2 rows in pattern and remove the loop on the stocking supporting needle.Similarly vyvyazyvayut right shoulder.

to connect the shoulder joints provyazyvaem corresponding hook and loop shelves back together, fasten the seam.

to our vest female fastens with buttons, you need to tie up the bar with the hinges on the right front.From the edge of the circle recruit the appropriate number of loops and knit elastic strap 4 cm wide. Do not forget that for the buttons to do the loop, 2 loops along provyazyvaya followed nakida, it is desirable to do so hinges on the underside of the figure.The distance between the loops is usually equal to 10 -12 cm, the layout should be done by the most convex point of the chest, counting the number of loops evenly up and down.Armholes of his waistcoat also make out the appropriate width strip.

The finished product is a slightly stripped through the fabric, sew on buttons.We tied the jacket women knitting, but the same principle can be knit vests and tank tops or simple Tunisian crochet.