Composition of balloons - be fantasy

All kids and adults are just crazy balloons, which are always reminded of the holiday.It is for this reason they are used for the decoration of the premises during the wedding or birthday.Using the composition of balloons, you can easily create elated natroenie.Eti incredible decorative solutions can come up with and implement their own.The main thing - to have the desire and the free time.Let's look at how to make the composition of balloons with their hands.

few words about the balloons

Balloons can be a wide variety of colors, sizes and shapes.But to create decorations often used ordinary balloons.The compositions of these never need to tie a thread.It is necessary to make an ordinary node.The rule to remember.To learn how to do these sites, you can train on the already inflated balloon.To do this, wrap around your middle and index finger end of the inflated ball and pass it through the tip of the loop that was formed.Then you need a good tighten the resulting knot that will perfectly keep the

ball in the air.The latter, in turn, for a long time can not be blown away.For composition, you can choose three sizes of balls: small - about 12.5 centimeters, average - about 22.5 centimeters, and large - about 30 centimeters in diameter.Applying these balls without any problems, you can create a huge number of different shapes.

Flower arrangement of balloons

To make a flower, you need to buy a small ball and four secondary.Such compositions of the balloons is often called "Quartet".They need to be inflated to the exact same value.Here science guileless: just apply beads to each other and compare sizes.Now we need to tie two balls ordinary node.So it is possible to make the petals.To form a flower, it is necessary to twist each other pair connected balls.Last (the small ball) must be tied to the center of the flower.If desired, the compositions of the balloons can be decorated with ribbons.

decor of beads

Flowers of the balls can be easily hang out at home on the curtains and walls or ceilings to make a decoration on the basis of color.For this to have prepared flower, a further four large bowl.Inflates and fasten them as described above.You can then collect the whole composition.Due to the fact that the balloons are incredibly lightweight, and most imperceptible movement of air or breeze in the room could destabilize the composition must be the smallest in the central dial ball a little water.Such a load lock all composition.

There are many more common decorative solutions of the balls that you can decorate any room, it completely transformed.The main thing - it is to stock the right amount of balls and, of course, a fantasy.