Deco furniture - simple and tasteful

decorating old furniture can be an excellent alternative to its release.Your imagination is the inexhaustible source of ideas.Deco furniture with his own hands to help them translate.You will need a bit of effort and an old dresser can become a designer little thing.A set of tools necessary in this case is minimal.

Decoration Furniture can do with paint old chest or hand painted.If your artistic talents are far from ideal, it is possible to find hundreds of options stencils on the internet and just take advantage of them.It is worth noting that many of the antiques, decorated so sold on interne- auctions for big money.

decorating furniture with many drawers allow you to play with a gradient.For this you need a white acrylic paint type and color pigments.Various powder ratio will allow you to achieve different shades of the same color.Such color transitions can be a great game, especially in sunlight.

general experimentation with colors should not be afraid.If you prefer furniture in dark colors, f

or the accentuation of attention, you can use unusual accessories.

Deco furniture in the nursery should proceed from the well-known rule: the more colors, the more interesting for a child.It is worth paying attention to the original hardware.Pastel colors to help you leave the charm of antiquity chosen to rework a piece of furniture.

If you like the decoration of furniture using geometric pattern, you can use the mounting tape, which does not allow you to break the boundaries and create a straight line.You can paint the furniture in light gray, and after the paint is dry, use the mounting tape.It can be pasted as a straight clean lines and curved corners.Over the suitable shade is applied the paint, and as a result you get a renovation without much effort and expense.Do not forget about using unusual hardware, it helps to give a piece of furniture finished look.

remodel old furniture can and using decoupage techniques.To do this, you only need to buy in the store beautiful napkins, special paper, and can be useful even ordinary maps.If you like the photos, the furniture can easily turn into a photo album for all to see.

Sometimes, in order to create an unusual object from old furniture, not necessarily trying to turn it into a new one.Sometimes Aging gives a more interesting effect.

is possible to create a beautiful interior use lace.It will be a kind of stencil.Before taking over the painting through the lace, it is best to paint a piece of furniture monochromatic paint in dark or bright colors, depending on your taste.After drying the paint layer must be secured on top of the pieces of lace and paint over the surface through using paint from an aerosol can.When you remove the lace, you will have the original and nothing on a similar pattern.To fix the result, after drying, you need to cover it with a layer of lacquer.And remember - the details are crucial.