Bouquet of roses, or a piece of the sun in the hands of the bride

gerbera Many people associate with modesty, purity and youth.For this reason, these incredibly delicate flowers, similar to the warm rays of the sun, perfectly suited for wedding floristry.After all, every bride is the embodiment of light and innocence.Colorful wedding bouquet of roses will provide you with an excellent mood for the whole day and amaze guests invited to the celebration of their uniqueness.

To suit such flower

Wedding bouquets of roses as if specially created for the provocative and young brides who shine and good mood and playful smile.However, in the hands of power and mature ladies, these flowers do not look less impressive, only giving them the image of romance and youthful audacity.Gerbera perfect for both thematic (in the style of the country, Ukrainian, autumn), and for the traditional ceremony.It should also pay attention to the fact that the wedding bouquets of roses are a great option for people with allergies, since they have a subtle smell, which can cause excruciating

headache or a cold.

gerberas combination with other colors

Today huge popular small bunches in a minimalist style.To make them sufficiently tightly put some lilies and tie them with ribbons of satin.Classic bouquet of roses ready!Such compositions look simply and tastefully.And if you want to create for myself miksovogo bright bouquet of roses, supplement it with tulips, hydrangea, calla lilies, carnations and daisies.Also, they are just perfectly with dahlias, lilies, anemones and chrysanthemums.Incredibly beautiful and very romantic looks simple combination of field flowers with noble lilies and greens.

How to pick a bouquet of roses for bride

Many of the fair sex preference rather gentle tones.If you too are one of them, then you should choose in the yellow, beige, white or pale purple gerbera.Energetic and passionate nature florists advised to pay particular attention to the orange, purple, maroon, or bright red flowers, as they underline your elusive character.In order to add "flavor" in monochrome bouquet advised inserted in its center one gerbera in a contrasting color.Undoubtedly, all sorts of shades, which can be collected in one bouquet, make it incredibly bright and revive.If you have already decided on the flowers for a bouquet, and decided that it will be exactly gerbera note that the groom's boutonniere should also be one of them.Do not worry, this flower - one of those universal, are suitable as a fragile woman, and brutal man.Yet we should not forget about the bridesmaids.It is for them to make the composition of roses, but of a different color!These flowers will set the tone not only your unique and exquisite wedding bouquets, but the whole celebration.Beautiful gerbera - the best way to make all of its exquisite taste and individuality!