Openwork Crochet - kind of folk art, who came to us from time immemorial

Openwork crocheting since ancient times was one of the most popular types of Russian folk art.Many ethnic museums and handicraft items stored items related more to the period of III-V centuries, it indicates that this craft takes its origins long before our times.

There is an opinion that in the Middle Ages, openwork crochet was the prerogative of the male population, women, and this kind of creativity is prohibited.As far as this is true, no one knows.Meanwhile, in the women's hands wove the threads in a very interesting and flirty stuff.

And what could better adorn ancient Russian house than tied with towels, sheets, duvet covers, underwear and inserted into the pillowcases on the pillows?Fashion for them is still not passed in the Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian provinces, where the hostess and now consider them to be a mandatory attribute of a house cosiness.For urban women openwork crochet has become an interesting hobby, which they are enrolled in the courses, devoting much of his time to cr


born in ancient times needlework - a very attractive activity for our contemporaries.Today, when folk art does not have to have mystical significance, as it was in past centuries, it still brings a lot of fun and joy of creation filled with positive energy.

known that all ancient scheme openwork crochet have sacred significance.Each type of loop, columns with nakida and their teams to create a certain picture of conspiracy guardian.The huge impression on the audience and has a modern openwork crochet patterns that are not mystical reasons but because the concepts of aesthetics, beauty, practicality and personality.

example, fillet technique creates products based on the motif of the grid where alternate-filled and empty cells.First you need to score as many stitches that their number is divisible by three, to this number we add one more - for registration of land, and three more - for lifting.In the next row you need to step back from the two air loops and knit one post with nakida.And so the whole series until a grid, which will need to fill the empty cells with columns or columns nakida two nakida.Occupation simple but requires care, attention and patience.

a result of knitting loin obtained very interesting and expressive motifs.Thanks to this kind of art can draw any thing or do some separate article, such as tablecloths, blouses, cuffs and collar, a napkin.To the work was accurate, it is imperative to consider the loop.The plan drawing can be formed on a sheet of paper the school, assuming that each of its cells - is one aerial loop.

Another rule that the openwork crochet - is the right choice of the thickness of the hook.If it is met, the product will light at the same time tightly woven.Just do not take up a large-scale operation.You must first perform a small motif as a sample and make calculations on it, and then start to create your masterpiece.