What are the symbols on clothing

Have you ever wondered what the symbols mean on your label?And do you know the meaning they carry?The main thing - to remember a few key points.

So symbols on clothes define the conditions for its washing, bleaching, drying and pressing, ironing, dry cleaning.

1. Symbols wash.This item indicates whether this clothing be washed in the washing machine or hand washing is only allowed.It also contains information about the temperature in the wash cycle and to be used in a washing machine.In addition, the symbol may mean that such a garment can not be washed, and applies only dry cleaning.In this case, it is supplemented by the appropriate sign this category.

some clothes require special care when it gets dirty.Such things are washed by hand or dry cleaned.In this case, the symbols on the labels of clothes tell us about additional measures that must be taken to clean the clothes.

So look designations machine washing, hand washing, and a symbol prohibiting something, and more.

These signs suggest a su

itable temperature.Laundry in the washing machine may be at a temperature of 30 ° C (cold water - 1 point) and 95 ° C (hot water - 6 points).Intermediate symbols mean maximum temperature of 40, 50, 60 and 70 ° C respectively.Too high a temperature can ruin the texture of the fabric or paint other things.Too low also can not be removed dirt.Be careful!

last character involves a delicate wash.

2. Symbols on clothing for bleaching.This procedure results in things in the original appearance.In addition, it is useful when the clothes became gray and dull.In total there are 3 symbols: whitening allowed, prohibited, permitted by means of chlorine-free.If the designation is absent, such a procedure is allowed.

3. Symbols drying and pressing.There are 4 sign of things drying washed in a washing machine.It may be acceptable in low, medium, or strong heating respectively be banned.

4. Symbols on the clothes for laundry: ironing.This symbol indicates a temperature at which it is necessary to iron a particular item (this point is also usually 1 - 110 ° C, 2 - 150 ° C and 3 - 200 ° C).If you do not pay attention to these signs, you can spoil not only clothes, but also the iron.Some things can not be ironed, so they will be an appropriate symbol.

5. Symbols dry cleaning.These symbols on clothing can only authorize or prohibit the chemical treatment of things.As mentioned above, allowing the sign is usually accompanied by the symbol "do not wash."

As you can see, the characters on the label may provide sufficient information for the proper care of things.This will help permanently preserve their color and texture.Symbols on clothing especially need to take into consideration when you want to display specific spots, not to end up not face an unpleasant surprise.Besides these symbols are international, so that these rules are suitable for any of your clothes: imported from abroad, bought on sale at an expensive boutique or in stores.