Decorative bottles - aesthetics kitchen life

Kitchen by definition - a room strictly utilitarian.But even there I want to create a cozy atmosphere.A sanctuary in the interior design of cooking as well as possible will look decorative bottles.

decent decoration domestic content

All kinds of fluids and a variety of spices are stored, usually in the original packaging.Of course, today's manufacturers are trying to create the most attractive look.But when the design is made in the same style, and it is preparing in the interior with great pleasure.And here perfectly "fit" decorative bottle.

In order to make such items housewares enough to own one of needlework techniques such as decoupage, glass painting and ornaments using beads or rhinestones.

In any of the methods of decoration, there are certain key points.First, is the presence of bottles, designed in the same manner.Incidentally, for this type of jewelery is best to select only those items which have a smooth surface.

in the art decoupage decorative bottles with their own hands to

make quite simple.Just choose the paper, the image on which the plot is suitable to the stored liquid or granular mixture.For example, vinegar or wine to choose cloth with the image of the vineyard.Next should be done all the steps necessary for decoupage.

Decoration same when the technique of painting on glass - a lesson for those who not only has the necessary skills, but also has a significant lead time.However, such decorative bottles impress.

use of beads and rhinestones in the painting of containers requires only artist skills with an adhesive gun.Playback on bottled stories give them a special charm and an additional visual volume.However, this method of decoration there is one drawback - glass containers, designed in such a way, should not be subjected to heavy use.

However, these methods concern only the decoration of bottles used as reservoir.

Vegetables, fruits, flowers - all within

Decorative bottles with vegetables, flowers or fruit will be the highlight of any kitchen interior, aged in a country style.Such works can be purchased at specialty stores.But it's best to do it yourself, especially if all you need is in the kitchen.

So, to create its own version of a decorative bottle directly require this very thing.And just as in the previous embodiments, it should have a smooth surface.In addition, it is necessary to give preference to copies with a light glass.

also should stock up a wax candle, twine, vegetables (fruit or flowers), vinegar and burlap.The manufacturing process is as follows: a bottle of well washed and thoroughly dried.Next, the prepared materials for filling are put in a certain order in advance.After that, a bottle filled with vinegar, sealed tight lid and pour the melted wax.Once the wax hardens, you can decorate the top with the help of burlap and twine.

Decorative bottles made so beautifully decorate the kitchen interior and delay the moment of the summer for the whole year.