How to make a sword for the hero of the Jedi

Many boys after watching "Star Wars" imagine of a superman.To realize their fantasies they can, becoming a fabulous Jedi Knights in the New Year carnival or participating in role-playing games.But without the magic weapon of the warrior image will be incomplete.How to make a sword, which is the main attribute of the fantastic hero?

Several options for the manufacture of swords

to Viking sword looked the most believable, it is possible to make the metal, and the handle - wood.But for young children, it is desirable to use safe materials.The most primitive options - production of paper, cardboard and wood.It is also the easiest way how to make a sword, is the use of foam.To do this, take the cylindrical blank bright color with a diameter of 6-8 cm and a length of 50-55 cm. Then wrap the handle shiny foil strips and the top in a contrasting color - the sword ready.

but especially for children, and more attractive lightsabers.The variant of "weapons", which will consist of the handle.Glowing swor

d will be through a laser beam.The basis is a flashlight, which is set into a powerful laser diode is connected to the battery and the inverter current.

most interesting option for kids will be a real lightsaber.For its production requires some basic knowledge of electronics, but also novice craftsmen will be easy to produce "weapons" warrior.There are several ways how to make a glowing sword:

- will torch lever and blade - fluorescent lamp connected to the power supply;

- For the sword blade can be used cold (flexible) neon, which is widely used for decorative lighting;

- LEDs placed in a polycarbonate tube, provide the most beautiful glow of the blade and the handle will be the basis for the segment of PVC pipe.

Consider a step by step description of the latter method.So, how to make a lightsaber.

Lightsaber LED-based

For work you need the following materials:

  • to handle - length of PVC pipe length of 20-25 cm and a diameter of 3 cm, switch button, the battery compartment;
  • for light blades - polycarbonate tube with a diameter of at least 2 cm (slightly less than the diameter of the handle) and a length of 60-70 cm (depending on the growth of the hero of the Jedi), 25-30 LEDs, wire cross-section 0.3 length of stiff wire;
  • for sound effects and vibration sword - a small electric motor.

Procedure.How to correct the sword:

  1. to light the blade was scattered, cover the tube with colored paint from a container or wrap tape.
  2. of the LEDs is going to a chain.The first of these is attached to the exposed wire.Then you need to fix the chain on the segment stiff wire into the tube and put the blade of the sword.
  3. cut a hole in the handle for the switch.It is also necessary to provide a groove for the battery.
  4. After connecting the light parts of the coiled tape blade edge is placed firmly into the handle.
  5. audible motor coupled to a common power supply unit is attached to the handle.

In the absence of light may be a problem with LEDs and the motor.

Variations manufacturing lightsabers will enable to choose the most appropriate way.Change the design of the handle, using paint, paper and other materials.The color of the glowing blade can also be made different.Be creative with the children, and as a result you get a unique piece of the hero-warrior.