"Male flower" - anthurium

Few people have heard of such a plant as "male flower" room.But, oddly enough, he still exists, and it is - anthurium, still referred to as "devil's tongue", "pig tail" and even "Flamingo Flower".

It is a beautiful plant presented a strong half of humanity, believing that it symbolizes strength, freedom, courage, life, love, passion.In short, the "male flower" - is the personification of all that is so like a strong man.

have mother nature everything is balanced and balanced.Anthurium, which is called also "male happiness", looks very nice next to the other not less beautiful plant - Spathiphyllum or, as they say, "women's happiness."Many florists assemble these two flowers in one bouquet, especially if you give it to a family celebration, wedding anniversary, etc.

According to legend, anthurium should bring its owner good luck."Male flower" photo which immediately suggests the beginning of his gender, and has a protruding ear of the brightest red color, which is against the background of dark gre

en heart-shaped leaves swept or has a very original form.

considered his homeland America, its southern and central parts."Male flower" thermophilic, as it grows in tropical climates.The length of this plant sometimes reaches half a meter.It has the shape of an ear of inflorescence, sometimes varying in white, pink or yellow.

«Male flower" - it is a whimsical flora, requires attention and proper care.The most important thing when it is growing - this is the right choice of the place where it should be placed.Anthurium does not tolerate direct sunlight, so the scattered rays and even partial shade - it is the optimal conditions for it.

winter, this plant needs a lot of heat and the sun, which will be key to its lush flowering in the spring.The optimal content of anthurium is the temperature not lower than 18 degrees.And yet, this plant likes moist air.Therefore, experts recommend to spray "male flower" twice a day: in the mornings and evenings.To this end, the best solution is a humidifier, as in contact with water droplets on the inflorescence, not only on the leaves, covered with patches of anthurium.

can not at the same time strongly overdry or humidify the soil."Men's happiness" requires moderate watering, because too much water in the pan, you can get root rot.It is better to water the flowers every four days, increasing the winter break to a week.

Transplant "male flower" is allowed no more than once a year, and only in the spring.Unlike many other plants, anthurium quietly tolerate transplant during flowering.However, in this case, you gently and carefully transfer the plant, along with the earth around the roots of a new planter or pot.At the same time can be made and the bush division, separating more or less large branches.

At room conditions, this plant does not live more than three years, and if you care for is at the appropriate level, then all this time anthurium will please its owner beautiful and tidy quite large flowers.