And you know how money tree blooms?

on the windowsill of many offices and apartments can be found Jade, or as it is popularly called, the money tree.Flowering of this plant is rare.Even in the natural environment this phenomenon is not very common.Many owners of this plant sometimes do not even know whether the money tree blossoms.

Where to start?

Adopt at Jade on the window sill - the problem is very simple.The tree reproduces outgrowth or even leaf.If you want to make it, according to legend, brings you the financial well-being, try to process or quietly nip off a piece of the money tree from their friends or relatives (in other words, to steal).Before planting process should spend some time without water, ie,zamatyvat not worth it in the wet wipes.Long hold no water is not necessary, it is sufficient to dry process while carrying it home.

Prepare conditions

If you want to see with my own eyes as a money tree blooms, prepare for it all conditions.Jade is originally from South Africa, so the ground for it is better to choose a

loose, perfectly fit special primer designed for the cultivation of cacti.It must be planted in a small pot.

Jade is very light, but in the summer can get sunburns, from which the leaves turn red and fall off.Keep the plant in a too shady places are also not worth it, as you grow, turn the pot so that trees could not lopsided crown.Even if such trouble does happen, do not worry much, to give the desired shape of the plant is always possible.It's enough to cut the threads in the required places you on top of the nodules.

watering and fertilizing

In order to see how the money tree in bloom, it is necessary to fertilize every two weeks, but only in summer!In winter, the plant should have a rest, gain strength for the strong growth in the growing season.In order to provide a winter recreation Crassula, it should be kept at temperatures from +4 to +15 degrees.Pay special attention to watering, because if your plant fades, you can always save it, but if you have it filled, you can just take a sapling to grow a new one.Water the money tree in winter is necessary after drying the ground, not the cup once every two weeks.In the summer watering often produce one every two days.

temperature regime

summer your plant will be an excellent feel in the air, so that during this period it can be taken on the balcony, but do not forget to protect it from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.You should not bring Jade from the balcony into the room where the air conditioning is working day in the heat, it is best to wait until the evening, when the temperature difference is not as pronounced.


Produce replanting is necessary in the spring.Transplanted it into a pot slightly larger size, without damaging the earth com.By following all the rules of care, you are likely to see as a money tree blossoms.Although it may happen that, despite all your efforts, the desired effect you get.But in any case, in compliance with all recommendations for care, you will get a plant that will please your eyes with bright dense leaves and a very original form, and see how the money tree in bloom, it is possible and in a greenhouse or botanical garden.