Stylish flowers from plastic bottles

It's no secret that plastic is detrimental to the environment.He slowly decomposes and rots in the soil for centuries.Why not take care of the little planet and did not accommodate the trash, forcing him to serve you and your home?But you need to give it a second life.And let this life will be brighter and more beautiful than in the form of an ordinary jar.After all, what crafts can be made from plastic bottles!Just great!Craftsmen are not only fit halved capacity to protect plants from frost roses, they create themselves rose.And of the bottles can make candy, bowls and even a holder for your cell phone!

But let's talk about the beautiful decoration for your garden, balcony and living room.To make the colors of plastic bottles with their own hands, you will need paper, a marker, a candle, sharp scissors, nail polish, wire, tweezers or pliers.And a large number of jars used, of course.Part of the work will have to perform outdoors or in a well-ventilated area.As will work with open fire, take precauti

ons: Work on iron surface, avoid the ignition of various household utensils.

So, start working.What we want to create: poppy, rose, lotus, tulip?From what it flowers from the plastic bottles we "grow", and will depend on the algorithm of our actions.Let's start, as a warm-up, with the easiest - the tulip.If you have a small half-liter bottle, draw on paper star with 8-10 rays.Cut it out.Stencil apply strictly to the middle of the bottom of the bottle, the edges of the stars bend down to the sides of the jar.Marker circle stencil and cut the plastic.Do not be fooled that you got the crown and not the flower.We go to fresh air and proceed to the second stage.

lit candles and a tray to the teeth of the crown fire.It is important not to overdo it: plastic has only to heat, but not light up, turn black and start to bubble.Tweezers or pliers form the petals of a tulip, quietly pulling them out.Thus, we create a cup.Flowers from the plastic bottles will get a cool, if we give them a bright, saturated color.For this we use nail polish and his own imagination.While the paint dries, the host of the stems.Take the upper part of the flask and cut out her spiral (like clean apple).This curl using candles to make plastic more pliable, winding wire.The tip is passed into the bottom of a last-sepal (this Do the scissors or a hole with an awl).

can also make flowers out of plastic bottles with lots of petals - roses, poppies.Then you need some stencils those parts of plants, where they are of different sizes - from large (external) to small (internal).Cut the plastic on these patterns.For a single flower may take a few bottles.By heating over a candle, form the petals.The more you have stencils of different sizes, the future will more magnificent rose.From the bottom of the flower shape base, drill a few holes in the center.Also, the hole should be at the bottom of each petal.Now sew on the basis of semi-finished products to the thread.It remains only to decorate your flower nail polish.

look very stylish colors of plastic bottles in the scenery of the garden.If you have lying around 5-6 liter jar, you can make something amazing out of it in the form of a lily or lotus.From the bottom cut out a nice flat sheet with low upright edge.Oplavte plastic in the flame of a candle to look natural.Paint it green waterproof paint.Seat him decorative frog (finished sculpture or a rubber toy).Carefully place the sheet in your small pond.Now he will never turn yellow, and the amphibious will not run away.