How to install interior doors.

When installing the door is the most complicated assembly boxes and hanging loops.And here is the value of each phase of work, the correct measurements are important, carefully selected door and important to pay attention to how to insert a door, fix it.To work must be taken responsibly and carefully, with the energy and mood.Then all will certainly succeed.And to help you lower the detail and gradually explained how to install interior doors.

Step 1. Box is going on the door with a minimum gap of 2-3 mm on each side.Attach is possible, as with nails and long screws.Only need to ensure that the tree is not cracked.When trimming the edges of the joints of the box should be cut with a hacksaw and remove the excess with a chisel

difficult to collect cheap, so-called "paper" door.They are more delicate.The gap between the box and the door slightly more, about 2-5 mm at the top and bottom, and 2-4 mm - at the edges.The corners of the box is best not to try to shoot down the nails or screws.Since compre

ssed paper still burst.These boxes collect the best parts of using (or those used in the assembly of the frame for gypsum board or furniture parts).

can not try to collect a box with right angles at 90 degrees.At the moment, even very expensive doors have a slight curvature.

Step 2. The next step, explains how to put the door will mount canopies (loops).The loops are left and right.They are put on the other side, which should open the door.This point is very important and not to be mistaken, you can double-check everything several times.

first loop attached to the canvas box.To do this, they should attach a pencil and circle contours.Then, this circuit is a recess depth of a few millimeters, so that the loop is "drowned" in the tree, but no sink.In the same way you are installing hinges on the door.Then everything is fixed with screws, included with the hinges.

Step 3. We now proceed directly to the very answer to the question tormenting all those who are able to repair: how to install interior doors.Installation is performed after assembly and attachment loops.The door is exposed in the opening is level.It is desirable level "throw" on all sides of the box, to be sure.

exposed to door anywhere "did not run away," at the edges and in the middle it is desirable to drive the wooden wedges.But they should not be too thick, otherwise the dish will be the door frame and the door is closed.But too little wedges will not do, they should not fall out.

So wedges hammered the door is set into place.Now it should be fixed with anchors.First, drill or punch to make holes right through the box into the wall.Then they screwed anchor, it attaches to the wall box.They screwed pieces of 2-3 on each side.Fixation completes foam.

Before froth, must be properly "rasperet" doorframe.For example, on all sides to enclose a loose piece of cardboard and doors tightly closed.Now you can fill the emptiness foam.But different foams varying degrees of swelling, so it's best to fill the openings by half.

important not only to choose the way how to install interior doors, but also give it a due time for the final fixing.Create this time 6-12 hours, during which time no need to open the door.That's what you need to grab the foam and can then be accurately office knife cut off the excess.

now clear how to install interior doors.True work is not over, as the front of the process of cashing in (ie need to put trim) may, lacquering (depending on the door).But that's another story.