Proper planting currants, some secrets

All berry bushes planted preferably in late summer - early autumn, is no exception and currants.Planting it is also optimal in this period.If for some reason the planting currants was acquired in a later period, the landing will depend on weather conditions.If the weather forecast is expected early frosts, it is wise to prikopat planting material in a horizontal position until the spring, and plant it in the spring.If the autumn is warm, the currants can be planted in the first ten days of October.

currant root system continues to grow until late autumn.In this case, after the landing ground under currants must be zamulchirovat.Mulch can be tops of tomatoes, courgettes, weed out the weeds, and others. If planting currants postponed until spring planting hole should be prepared in the fall.

Before planting material should be soaked in water (the water supply) for about three hours to the root system is full of moisture.Landing currants angling.This applies to the bush with multiple stems and thin tw

ig.By planting currants, be sure to bury it in the bottom three buds.The above-ground part of the same shall be three buds, the rest should be cut using well-sharpened pruning shears.

Crop aerial parts is necessary in order to currant bush did not age prematurely.In spring the leaves begin to unfold, and the root system, the victim in the transplant may not be able to power the aerial part if the crop has not been made in the autumn.If the aerial part of all uncircumcised nutritious juices rush to the apical bud, branch and does not constitute spurs (overgrowing branches), thus laid bare twig, leaves on it will only be at the top.Without pruning the aboveground part of the bush landing will age in the first year.

inclined planting currants need to quickly form new shoots from the buds which have been buried.If you plant a bush currant vertically, the new shoots can be expected for a long time, and the crop is planted in the bush will be small.

If planting blackcurrant correctly, the slant on each stem for the next year produced two new branches.To achieve greater branching of young twigs, they need to remove the terminal buds.In this case, the two will sprout next to the site of nipping buds.E. In the fall need to lateral branches, which grew over the summer, shorten, leaving three buds each.In this way, the formation produced currant bush with a lot of branches on each shoot.

If there is a need to propagate currants, the spring can be pinned lower branches to the ground.But the top of the branches need to bring to the surface.To accelerate root formation can make scratches on the bark of branches and pour the solution korneobrazovatelya (such as IAA or kornevina).Top sprinkle damp soil.You can cover the film prishpilivaniya place.After some time there will be shoots of the kidneys, in the soil.Throughout the season, you need to monitor soil moisture at the place where there are young shoots.The following spring the young shoots need to be divided and planted to a permanent place.

Proper planting currants - pledge of excellent harvests in the future.