Wooden houses from glued beams

Glulam is an excellent material for the construction of modern objects of wood.Why is it so.New methods of processing wood, interior and exterior decoration, design and construction technology allows to build wooden houses and other structures durable and make wood to keep good condition for a long time.

Add to that created by modern technology foundation, then built a house on it almost does not shrink.

In terms of the construction of a wooden house from a bar considerably wins in front of buildings of concrete or stone.The modular design and construction, facilities are being built in a single season.Construction organization, having set a clear plan for the building and construction is almost finished parts, only joins them as a designer.At the same time, using modern methods of mounting, the construction is not inferior in strength to any other structures.

Pricing for the construction of wood made up of a large number of factors.Such as the complexity of the project, the foundation, the type o

f roofing techniques and materials of internal and external finishing, eyeliner heating, water supply, power supply, sewage system.With the simplicity of the construction of wooden houses, these objects are still a complex engineering structures that require serious attention, like any other capital construction.

Wooden houses - traditional choice of people in Russia thanks to a sufficiently large number of the corresponding building material.If before they were building log homes, despite the fact that the service life of the house was not sufficiently long, but now this technology as a laminated board allows you to build durable homes capable after proper exterior and interior to compete with buildings of stone and concrete.

The most significant difference from the wood stone is a subjective sensation of coldness and the second, in contrast, a sense of something living while at home, which was built of wood.With all the advantages of the stone building, the structure of the tree is not inferior in many stone buildings, and the last point is still favored by most people in favor of choice is wood as a material for building a house.

Company Domstroy - Wooden houses in Yaroslavl, cabins, wooden baths, modular objects on individual projects.

Good luck, Ilya