Recognising that cement quality is not

very difficult to imagine how to build any building without a material such as cement.It has long been the building material necessities, we can only learn to recognize quality cement from poor.Cement itself is simply necessary, it performs an important function of the coupling, but does so successfully only under the condition that it meets the quality requirements.
Using low-quality cement, people not only lose confidence in him as a building material, but also bear huge losses.Depending on the scale of construction, is measured and the amount of damages.In addition to financial losses, and the consequences can be even worse, because not having the connective layer, stones, bricks, concrete blocks may start to shift and eventually collapse completely.It is dangerous for the health and lives of people
Pay attention to the quality of cement - one of the main problems when buying it, but how to understand this, since the seller will always assert that his cement - the ideal quality of higher grades.To

determine the quality of the material, there are not very complicated criteria, we now move on to him.
first and one of the most important cement should be fresh, its shelf life affects the properties it possesses.Already after only one month of cement quality may be reduced by 5%, like it is not much, but you will agree and downtime little - some thirty calendar days.Sometimes it happens, it expects to cement a buyer for more than two years, then he loses exactly half of its connection properties and can fail at any time, those who still dare, to use it.And now let's imagine what would happen to its quality if it has lain somewhere not two, but three or four years.Believe me, it is better to buy the cement with a good shelf life for a high price, rather than saving, running into a building material waste.Losses and risks far outweigh the cost of the purchase itself.
Packaging of cement is also one of the criteria for quality.Not allowed to buy cement, which was packed antiquated method.A serious company that sells building material that will never allow himself to this kind of packaging, so be alert and pay attention to it.
packaging.Do you think it does not matter?Do you think this is only the aesthetic side?Not at all.Packaging can either confirm or refute the quality of the material.Buy cement torn packaging is very wrong.Buy cement packaging on which no labeling at all impermissible.The marking is placed by the manufacturer, it guarantees that the material of this firm and to lose its face and reputation, it is unlikely to wish, so there is reason to believe that high-quality cement.Without marking the base too, but they will already be quite the opposite.
Quality Certificate, and guests should also be available with the purchase of cement.If you think it is acceptable to buy cement in good packaging, shelf life is not bad, but without a certificate that meets government regulations, you are mistaken, this is a risk.Everything has to be in the complex, why one is, and the other not?Is not it strange?For complete safety and maximum guarantees try that all requirements have been satisfied, without neglecting any of them.
These criteria are very accessible to the understanding of even an inexperienced buyer Everyone can check their availability, do not be lazy and do it, so you do not regret the money spent, works and does not cover losses due to substandard material.