Konopatki House.

konopatki home

konopatki home - a great way to save electricity, gas or wood, spent on heating your home.Also, after completing the procedure konopatki the life of your home will increase significantly.

Why you may need konopatka?Many people know that after a log cabin home is installed and ready, the first time he was going through a period of drying.The duration of this period is different - from 8 months to 2 years.But at this time in the wooden house house appearing gaps between the logs crowns.From these gaps sometimes there are big problems.Cold air coming through them, after the meeting with the warm air may cause condensation, which contributes to rotting wood.It is also home without hold heat konopatki worse because of gaps between the logs.These problems are easily solved with the help of konopatki home.Konopatki will also help you to correct your imbalances framework.

So what konopatka home?Konopatki house called the procedure to eliminate cracks and gaps between the logs log.Seal mate

rials can serve as a tow and a great many other modern insulating materials.Previously konopatki houses used moss - an environmentally friendly material.

Some features konopatki houses.Please do konopatku outside the walls, and only then from the inside.Konopatki walls made from the bottom up around the perimeter of the building immediately after the house konopatki height of the walls may rise 6-9 centimeters.There are two types of caulking.Primary and final.Primary konopatku do during the build log for each layer of logs stacked layer of insulating material.The second stage occurs after konopatki dry log.

What you need to remember konopatki?It is unacceptable to make konopatku in homes that have not yet occurred, and sludge drying carcass.Konopatki home should be done before the start of finishing work - both internal and external.Do not rely on yourself konopatka - a very complex manual work that requires great knowledge of the master of his craft, skill and perseverance.Also in the works konopatki need a special tool, the absence of which considerably complicate or make impossible the procedure itself konopatki.After completing konopatki home you should observe the behavior of a log house, and when necessary to drive an additional thermal insulation material in the joints.Konopatki home most time-consuming, but the qualitative method of warming mezhventsovogo gaps.