The mittens are attractive for lovers

designer from Seattle, Wendy Feller invented and created from one wool mitten, large size, so that it placed the hands of two people.This idea came to her during a romantic stroll with her husband in the winter.Her husband Wendy Feller has offered a pair of mittens original title Ā«SmittensĀ».

These mittens for lovers warm in extreme cold not only because of its thick viscous, but also a warm hand of a loved one.Holding hands in a mitten, you can walk with loved ones in any weather.

It is inconvenient to hold each other's hands in gloves in the winter.Lovers who are accustomed to constantly feel the presence and gentle touch each other, through the gloves do not get the warmth and affection.A winter mittens for lovers allow to feel the gentle shaking of a loved one, support each other, which helps to move freely around the city, travel to the truck, walk together to the store, go to the skating rink, a walk in the park.

United palms of hands warm not only the body but also the soul of lovers.Mittens

are ideal for young people who love each other and do not wish to leave permanently.But they are relevant for the family, especially for mothers and children.Children's hand was in my mother's hand - it's reliable, touching and warm.

This kit for mother and child is useful for walking, for the wires in kindergarten and school.Babies need constant feeling of being close to their parents.So why not extend the minutes of close contact with your child even when you're in a hurry?Kids will be much calmer if they go to kindergarten with her mother's hand in a winter morning.

original set can be done independently.It consists of a mitten for men and women, depending on the size of the hand and one common mitten for lovers.In order to connect them, you must purchase a thick thread.Begin to knit, as usual, one mitten into male and female hand.

choosing a thread, it is important to ensure not only the sensation of heat, but also to take into account aesthetics and taste of young people.Therefore, originally applied fluffy yarn, bright colors and use additional ornaments.

Then you move on to the general knitting mittens for lovers.First, you need to link two identical collars, and then make the extension of twice the normal and dovyazat common house for two hands.General knitted mitten without thumb.Options and there are many schemes knitting, so the choice is.You can associate as a general mitten to keep either hand or fingers over.

Mittens for lovers beautifully decorated with embroidery, applique, which gives them a special warmth and pleasing to the eye.Soft and warm clothes are an original gift for the day of lovers, on the anniversary of relations, for the Christmas holidays.They can be used as a nice souvenir for a child or loved one.On gifts can be embroidered personal initials, customized designs, giving them a unique and unforgettable design.

nice to hold the hand of a loved one during a visit for a walk in parks and squares.

By the spring season you can sew mittens for lovers of fleece.Gentle touch of hands lovers enhance the romantic mood and gentle fabric protects against the cold wind.

Sew mittens are made of cloth of red.As an easy option for each individual practical sew gloves or mittens on the other hand.

For young children better come up with bulky gloves applications, embroidered toys or zveryata.This will allow them to feel loved, to feel the care of an adult and gladly consider new image.Such warm mittens always attract the attention of other children and their parents in kindergarten.

In these mittens handy to go with the kids to school in bad weather and not be afraid that the baby will freeze your hands.