Fence of corrugated their own hands

various hedges in our time, like all times, is a necessity, not a luxury.That's the fence not only protects the land from outsiders and too curious looks, but also gives the impression portion of the form and completeness.Some owners, buying land, first enclose land, and only then build a house, and it makes sense.Interestingly, with many in the construction of the fence cost exclusively on its own.

Nowadays fences built from a variety of materials - be it brick, concrete panels, natural stone, wood, metal mesh, but still the most popular material for the erection of fences is considered to be profiled.Putting a fence of corrugated board with your hands can be for many years to protect the land, not only from dust and noise, but also from prying eyes.

But the most important advantage of the fence of corrugated board is the best combination of price and excellent quality and speed of installation.A fence of corrugated board with your hands can be installed as soon as possible, within a few days.Its

undoubtedly positive qualities include practicality, low cost and long life.Galvanized corrugated board, for example, is more than thirty years.The downside of such a fence can serve not quite attractive.Build a fence with their hands today everyone can, because all the required materials are readily available in the shop.

fence of corrugated board is sturdy and reliable guard, as the carrier of the fence - posts into the ground at 1.2 meters and associated strength lags.You can build a fence of corrugated hands.It consists of metal fence posts, metal lag and profiled sheet with a polymer coating.The pillars are made of profile pipes 60x60 millimeters, and logs - from profile pipe 40h20 millimeters.Galvanized steel sheet attached to the screws to press the puck.Calculating the amount of steel sheet, it is necessary, depending on the configuration sheet, provide a few centimeters to overlap one another sheet.To perform the required welding work, you can invite a professional welder, and then to install a fence with their hands.

course, install a fence of corrugated board with your hands one person seriously, it is better to do it with the help of friends or relatives.

Before installing the supporting pillars need to plan the location of the fence exactly with boundary marks and documentation.
Under columns to dig the pit depth is not less than one meter, then you can pour 20 centimeters of gravel on the bottom of the pit.The depth of the holes depends on the composition of the soil, groundwater depth and height of the fence.Many building fences to give their own hands, are excavating a hand drill or benzoburom.

Featuring a two poles at a distance, or a little more meters apart and pour concrete of good quality, with the time that it is not cracked.Welded to a pole two joists.If the fence is high - welded another.
to build a fence of corrugated board with your hands, you will need a ruler, level, measuring tape and twine.Fixing all the sheets of corrugated board is also performed using the line-level, particularly important to establish the very first page.

fences to give their own hands can be built not only on flat ground, but also on the slope.In this case, the fabric of the fence are staggering, which are planned in advance, depending on the topography of the site and its particular bias.If the slope of the area is considerable, you have to omit the step each sheet of corrugated board.Laghi also need to weld perpendicular to the poles.But more likely lag can be put on the ground level.