Construction of frame houses with their own hands

in America and Europe today on the technology frame housing built about seventy percent of the individual houses.Today, Canadian technology is also known as frame construction, is the demand for low-rise construction.

All the elements are made of a frame house industrial way.Special beams are stitched into a single monolithic structure and are the foundation of the house.For insulation we use modern insulating materials made from natural raw materials.

In our country, the construction of private houses is constantly being improved, especially popular is the construction of a frame house with his own hands, although many continue to build houses in the old, traditional ways - from brick, wood or foam blocks.Frame houses in performance in no way inferior brick houses, and sometimes even surpass them.

Everyone who decided to build a frame house with their own hands, they know that these houses are called differently - prefabricated frame, frame-panel, frame-panel, Canadian and even Scandinavian.Frame

construction with their own hands, we are only gaining momentum.

basis at home, as you can understand from the name, is a frame, which is used for the manufacture of planed timber, but not only them, but also laminated veneer lumber, especially for the construction of large spans.If you wish to build with their own hands frame house as insulation for the walls is better to use natural, environmentally friendly materials, such as Isover or Rukvul.The thickness of the insulation should be not less than twelve centimeters, to the wall does not freeze in winter.And so they are not blown, they need to upholster fiberboard or particleboard.Well, finish exterior decoration could be done any and depends on your desire.

Building a frame house with your own hands can be divided into stages.It begins, as well as the construction of any other house with a basement.You can make a solid foundation, but due to the low weight of the house, you can use tape or pier foundation.Holes drilled pier foundation is better with the help of a suitable drill diameter.Boring should be at a depth of about one meter in increments of 90 cm. The holes are inserted into asbestos cement pipes, in which the funnel is filled with concrete solution.Pier foundation can be made in just a weekend and begin immediately to build frame house, without waiting until the foundation has hardened.

material from which the frame is processed ognebiozaschitoy.The walls are insulated on the inside, then get off oriented strand or cement particle boards.It is possible for this purpose to use other materials: wall paneling, drywall or laminated plywood.

finished interior trim, start to finish the facade.This can be done using bricks, siding, or stucco facade tiles, artificial stone wild.

Frame construction with their own hands is possible due to the fact that commercially available all the necessary materials.It can be used for roofing corrugated sheets, soft roofing, shingles, evroshifer and other materials.Ceilings, floors, partitions between the rooms are made of frame plates.These special plates with insulation to protect well as the wind and noise.Building a frame house with his own hands is much cheaper than brick, and its construction will take two months.

Building a frame house with their hands should be conducted in compliance with such important detail frame technology as air or ventilation gap between the wind and waterproofing and exterior trim, which will significantly increase the use of the house.