Stretch ceiling with his hands

When buying a new apartment, a condition which has traditionally characterized as a screed, plaster, first zadumyveshsya the qualitative and, if possible, inexpensive repairs.In keeping with the established tradition and common sense, the first step is usually given in the divine form the ceiling.However, it should be noted that this task is often not an easy task - the uneven plate mounted anyhow in a hurry, unfortunately, in our time become a norm.Because the difference in the level of the ceiling may reach 6, sometimes 10 cm, could not help think of any hinged design as its alignment with cement mortar or acquired in the store ready mix is ​​problematic.

In this case, the most common are 2 ways: using the drywall, attached to a pre-arranged substructure of metal profiles, and a special fabric by pulling on, again the prepared substructure of the mounting profile.In the first case a false ceiling, and the second - the tension.For the construction of these structures can invite a specialist, but cert

ainly cheaper to mount the suspension or suspended ceiling with their hands, spend only on the material.

design plasterboard got its spread somewhat earlier and is now inferior stretch ceiling.It should also be noted that the poorly plastered joints between sheets of drywall, ceiling installation, further threaten the appearance of cracks in the joints, which is also another argument in favor of a stretch ceiling.

Mount stretch ceiling with your hands is not a particularly difficult task with the necessary tools.Today there are different types of suspended ceilings with fabric or film-web.The greatest distribution obtained polyvinyl chloride film (abbreviated as PVC) which in turn has weight variations in appearance, from a rich selection of colors to simulate marble, suede or some other surface.In the future, we will focus on the ceiling is PVC.

So, in order to make the suspended ceiling with his hands must have at hand two types of spatulas (direct and semicircular), construction knife grinders, tape measure, level, electric drill, ladder, and, most importantly, the heat gun - without itYou will not be able to pull the ceiling so that it is not subsequently sagged.

First you need to take care of the sound insulation as well as the very structure of a stretch ceiling in conjunction with a stove that you played the role of the ceiling, and the neighbors top gender roles, is a kind of drum.As a result, after the completion of the work, sounds from the upper floors may be amplified and inconvenience.As an insulating material can take mineral soundproof boards.

next step is preparing mounting tension ceiling - so called baguette, which is pre-cut grinder so as to cover the entire perimeter of the ceiling.Subsequent mounting a baguette, in order to avoid distortions, it is necessary to carry on the level so that the distance from the fabric stretched ceiling insulation was about 10-15 cm. Baguette while attached to the walls with screws at a distance of 7-10 cm.

At the final stage, toquality to make the suspended ceiling with your hands, you will need to help at least one person.

further stretched canvas, which evenly with a spatula is pushed in profile.In order to pull a good film of PVC, it is first heated to a temperature of 80 ° C, achieving the effect of sagging.At the end of the profile is inserted into the locking bead.After cooling, a ceiling will look like a perfectly flat surface and will remain so until as long as you do not want to replace him on some more modern stuff.