BBQ brick with his hands.

say that few owners of private homes or cottages and gardens thought about building your own barbecue, so lie.Indeed, who among us does not dream of a good sweat in the bath-house, so to eat the juicy meat, fried on the grill.And if the construction of a private bath requires not only significant material, and labor resources, build barbecue made of bricks with their hands under the force of each.

Many craftsmen, after reading pamphlets on relevant topics are taken to translate dreams into reality and build a barbecue with his own hands.But for all the apparent simplicity, it is necessary to know a few essential points that will help build a really high-quality barbecue and avoid disappointment.

Firstly, to build a brick barbecue with your hands, you must use a suitable specifically for the brick and properly prepare a binder mixture thereof.The second, and perhaps the main difficulty in the way of construction of the barbecue - it's a lack of experience.And if the second issue all clear, you must

first properly understand.

To build barbecue with your hands, you can buy the most expensive and high-quality bricks, withstand the high temperatures.But any brick has an coefficient of thermal expansion, as a rule, very different from the CTE of binding sand-cement mixture.Thus, for fueling and heating barbecue, brick can give an extension of up to 1 millimeter, and connecting sand-cement mixture to 1.5-2 mm.The result may be cracks in the brickwork.And in this case, even the plaster will not be able to rectify the situation.

Plus, in any material has a certain predetermined amount of supply of heating and freezing.Simply put, aging, in this case, a brick.Therefore, from a brick barbecue that you want to stir up not only in summer but also in winter, unusable much faster if it is built of brick and poor quality of sand and cement binder mixture.

Most professional recommendations state that BBQ building of bricks with their hands preferably not refractory firebrick and furnace of red.This choice is explained by the fact that the brick kiln is better suited to the extremes of temperature, and hence the life of your barbecue will last.

Many disputes arise around the question of what the lay bricks.Nevertheless, most experts agree that the most preferred for this is clay with a little cement in the mixture.In the future, it is necessary to plaster BBQ.Also reveal you a little trick - promazhte BBQ glue, gas silicate masonry.The adhesive composition is applied to a conventional paint brush a thin layer.As the dye, it is possible to add powder of ground bricks.

Structurally BBQ with their hands often constructed from two or three parts: the base, a box of bricks and roof.Particular attention should be paid not only duct of brick, but the foundation.It can be used as an ordinary concrete slab, cast iron with added reinforcement.The size of the foundation must match the size of the future brick-boxes or be slightly larger.Stove cast into the ground, in a specially dug pit with a mound to gravel and sand.

Another essential element is the barbecue grate - lattice on which the firewood.Removable grate needs to be done, it was possible to periodically clean out the ashes.

Taking a brick BBQ with your hands, you give not only himself but also his family and friends unforgettable moments spent on its own plot.