How to make a birdhouse his own hands.

Country life is versatile and beautiful.Cope with all the hassle, you can enjoy plenty of tasty and juicy fruits grown on their own plot.Those fruit which looked all the family and did not dare to taste, until they are ripe, but that first taste of any moth.Yes, we should not forget that the suburban pests - this is the same home in the area, just like you.And if chemical pest control is best used as a way of mass destruction, then, when it is not so bad, you can get a natural opportunity.For example, to attract birds to the country.How to make a birdhouse his own hands?Very simple.

If you build a birdhouse, you not only create a cozy home for birds and will be able to observe them, but also protect yourself from the attacks of pests.Few people know, but one family of birds per week can eat up to a thousand larvae of the May beetle, caterpillars and other insects.It's hard to argue with such arguments, so we'll show you how to make a birdhouse his own hands.

So, what should be the home for feathere

d friends.Firstly, the nesting box must necessarily be of wood (you can use any breed except conifers), no plastic or the more metal.The walls inside the house specifically left untreated to birds can cling to them with his claws.

second point in solving the problem of "how to make a birdhouse his own hands" - is the size of a small house.The size defined for us by nature.Most birds fit for habitation hole in the tree, so the size of the bottom of the birdhouse should be 10 or 12 * 12 * 12 cm. Production house we start from the bottom.It uses non-planed boards 20-30 mm, and sawed the appropriate preparation.Then they made the back and front walls of the house, a minimum length of 34 cm and a width equal to the bottom side of the board thickness plus two.This is done so because the side walls of the birdhouse are inserted between the front and rear parts of the house.It is also worth noting that the roof of the birdhouse is sloping and preferably from slabs to water is better on it flowed, so the front wall of the house should be slightly higher than the rear, but not shorter than 34 cm.

drank all the blanks, take a front wallhouse and, departing from the upper part of 8 cm, exactly in the center of all we do propyl, the so-called "notches", through which the bird and will fall into the birdhouse.Then nailed the side walls.The last plank to beat in no hurry as yet to the bottom of the rail will need to attach a triangular shape, which will simulate the hollow sphere in the tree.Nailed to the cabin rear wall and roof, which, as already mentioned, is best made from slabs.The roof should protrude slightly above the starling house on all sides.We can only attach a tap hole and perch birdhouse with his hands ready, but the problem - "how to make a birdhouse his own hands" solved.

House can be hung on a tree, a wall or a pole at a height of not less than 2 meters, slightly tilted forward, so that it is not exposed to rain and the tap hole to the southeast or east.Attach a birdhouse to trees better at the wire, rather than nails.Many people wonder - "Is it possible to paint a birdhouse?".It depends only on the wishes of the master himself.However, if you do decide to make a little birdhouse aesthetics, it is necessary to use water-based paints and coloring made exclusively on the outside.Do not use the green paint.Starlings green birdhouse not settle.

placing birdhouse in their area, or around the house, do not forget that the house for the birds requires periodic maintenance.In the autumn or early winter is necessary to remove the nesting box and remove it from the feathers, dust, leftovers.Not superfluous will also treat it from the inside or the boiling solution of potassium permanganate.This will prevent the breeding of parasites in the house.

Here we answer the question "how to build a birdhouse with your own hands."It only remains to arm materials and tools and give our feathered fellow cozy house.