Home from a bar with his hands: Fast, cheap, Eco

house you can buy, but you can build yourself.Excellent solution - home from a bar with your hands.The construction of such houses does not require special skills, so it can deal with anyone.In addition, it would require a minimum of labor costs compared with the construction of houses made of other materials.

Today many sated achievements of civilization, dream of own home is not out of the blocks and made of wood.The most simple, fast, economical and reliable way to do this on the technology of building houses of timber.

beam used in the construction of houses for centuries.Today, many Russian families are turning to this is building material, which is characterized by environmental friendliness and reasonable prices.

How to build a house from a bar?

material for the construction you can buy ready-made, but you can do it yourself.Harvested wood must necessarily healthy, not moth-beetle no larger or through cracks.To get the logs from timber, they must be sawdust on all four sides.Wood for the

log should be dry and treated with antiseptic.

should begin with the development of the project of the future house .It is influenced by the size of the future house, its area.From this, of course, it depends on the material consumption.Therefore, the calculations must be done carefully.The project is quite possible to draw on their own, however, you will need to be very careful and observe the correct geometric drawings.You can purchase and project types.

preparing to draft foundation .You can use this for such an option: the concrete base of a tiled plinth brick finish.For the ventilation of the underground in the basement should be left to the hole.

Immediately on the foundation, you can build a log cabin.

build a wall home from a bar can be very fast.Home from a bar with your hands to build quickly.The walls can be folded from untreated pine sawn timber diameter of 15 centimeters (it is the most popular option).This timber is easy, so you do not need special lifting equipment.When assembling the walls must necessarily be used to connect beams spikes to the house was stable.

technology construction of walls made of timber has certain characteristics.Folded beams in height as well as the ordinary beams.If planed timber, it is connected in a similar way to laying of the floorboards.To avoid waste of vertical, parallel bars connected by vertical pegs.

home from a bar with your hands should be built, given certain nuances.All seams in the walls should be well caulked to avoid home ventilation by wind.Walls to be treated with special substances that enhance their fire resistance and strength.It is necessary for safety, for fire wood is the number one enemy.

Besides the walls, the house will need to build and interior partitions.Partitions can do carcass.They are built of wood, covered with clapboard.

next step is the construction of the roof .Often, home from a bar with his hands covered roofs cheaper.Options truss system and roofing can be different.Cheapest option - to cover the roof Ondulin, but this stuff over time lose appearance.Better use board of different sizes for individual areas (braces and struts - 10h4sm, rafters - 15h4sm).

Once the roof is finally built, you can do ceilings floors, ceilings installation, as well as doors and windows.

floors need to do two layers of boards, the distance between them should be filled with insulating meterialy.

Windows to your liking can be made of wood, but you can with plastic.

How to insulate the house from a bar?This is done usually penogazobetonnymi blocks or mineral wool.

finishing and painting at home - purely personal matter and depends only on here all the taste of the owner.You can log out of the house to leave without finishing the outside - in the style of village houses.In general, home from a bar with your hands is best to build so that it does not require additional finishing.This will save time, and the house will look particularly comfortable in a wooden exterior performance.