Plot: The cellar with their hands

At arrangement or suburban infield a lot of attention paid to the most pleasant things that create the most unique comfort, which no one else.The cellar is not an exception.

course, you can well do without him - in every family there is any refrigeration.But that's only when built cellar with their hands, then you will understand that it can not replace any complicated appliances, and you will be surprised - as heretofore lived without it ...

to start and try to figure out what isthe beauty of the cellar.Most importantly his dignity - a stable temperature.The street can be a hard frost or a terrible African heat, and in the cellar is always cool, and the temperature is maintained, perfect for storage of vegetables from one to four degrees Celsius.

Why so?Probably many of us, maybe even as a child, for whatever reason, got into a hole, accidentally or intentionally, we noticed that even in the hottest weather is cool.And in the cellar, dug in the ground, the temperature is kept constant.And as if

knowing well how to make the cellar bury it two meters, shock freezing will be above ground, the cellar itself will not freeze even in the coldest winter.

As soon as we figure out how to build a cellar, you can proceed directly to the construction time by selecting the most suitable for him.The cellar with their hands best to hold in place a few elevated that rainwater running down from there, without stopping and not soaking into the ground.

interesting variant how to build a cellar could be his device as a house or dacha in the summer kitchen.On the advantages of this option does not make sense to argue - they are available.Only need to watch closely, arranged in such a way that the cellar did not weaken the foundation of the structure.For some guarantees better to build it separately and do not take risks.

first digging the pit to a depth of two to two and a half meters.The dimensions are chosen according to specific needs.So in the future, the cellar is necessary to provide space for canned goods, fruits and vegetables under separate.And when choosing a size, you can be guided by the rule: the bigger the family, the greater the cellar.Standard size is not but practice shows that the size of the cellar 4x2 meters is enough for the average family.

After leveling the bottom of the wall spread.For this purpose, stone, concrete rings and blocks, bricks and wood.You can leave the walls and earthen or simply plastered on the grid, but if the ground is smooth and tight.But for reliability, which has always been honored in Russia, the wall is better to lay out, without forgetting a thorough waterproofing.

If a so-called construction waste, it is better not to throw away, and compacted into the ground to the floor of the cellar was always hygienic and dry.With the same purpose pour fine gravel and sand.

Walling cellars have little to stand, then the cellar with their hands need to cover the top and pour a layer of land needed for insulation.How to make a cellar?Here are some secrets.So the cellar, the entrance to which is located on the side, made a solid floor, and the entrance is cut in the ceiling on top of the window, and it settles a strong box, closing the lid on top of it.The overlap is arranged wooden - from timber or logs.This double-sided arranged waterproofing.

sure to provide ventilation.After the excavation of the pit is logical to build a small postroechku for household needs.The cellar with their hands can do quite exclusive ...