Heating private homes with their own hands

Every person living in a private house, dreams of making reliable and cost-effective heating system.Make heating private houses with their own hands is a snap.The heat in private homes in the cold oven heating is created.Nothing more reliable man has not yet invented.

have stove heating has two drawbacks - a laborious and strong temperature differences, so instead you can put an electric or gas boiler, which do not have these drawbacks, but have their own - with possible disruptions in the supply of heat energy also stops vyrabatvatsya, so the ovenIt should be left to the extreme case, but before that let it performs a decorative function.

Before you start installing heating private hou

se with his own hands, get to know different types of heating and select the option that best suits your home.For example, a combined heating system uses separate elements of different systems depending on the specific plan home, which increases the efficiency of the overall system.

Before making heating private house with his own hands, well insulated house, otherwise you'll just heat the street, which will lead to a decrease in the efficiency of the whole system and increase costs.

What types of heating systems installed in a private home?These can be single-tube and double-tube systems, and heating systems with manifolds, radiators, also known as batteries, and registers.

Each of these systems has its advantages and disadvantages, and we will choose the one that could perform well both on the electric boiler and, in the case of an emergency power outage, from a conventional oven on solid fuel.Should also provide the opportunity to work on electric boilers and furnaces at the same time - this is in case of very severe frost, that is, in any frost on the system requires confidence Ardagh desired volume of the space.

When mounted heating their own hands, we must bear in mind that the stove or solid fuel boiler is desirably set in a separate room, not necessarily in a special annexe, how often do developers can use existing small space like a closet.

installing water heating with their hands need to know that it is a one-pipe and two-pipe and circulation of water - natural and forced.Two-pipe system with a pipe in two and a half times longer than the one-pipe system is considered outdated and irrational.In addition, it is very difficult to establish.One-pipe system is easier to install, it is faster and more evenly warms up, so mounting the water heating their hands, choose this system.

When mounted heating their own hands, a simple single-line system will include the following elements: the boiler, expansion tank or accumulator, radiators, or as they are often referred to in everyday life, the battery, the filter and the circulation pump.If the heating systems installed in a small one-story house, the circulation pump can not be used.

for polypropylene pipe is better to choose, rather than steel, corroded pipes.Polypropylene pipes are easy to cut, they do not need to weld or paint, they are not clogged heating system.Its disadvantage can be considered that this system has a circulation pump.Aluminium radiators also not clog the system, and the heat transfer them twice greater than that of iron, which reduces available on the radiator fins.But the cast-iron radiators are a bit cheaper.

As we can see, to make water heating private house with his own hands is not difficult.