Laying of paving slabs with their hands

Paving is very user-friendly building material to cover the tracks near the house or at their summer cottage.For small paving paths to the masters usually do not apply.And why?Laying of paving slabs with their own hands - this is the real and relatively simple exercise.

area of ​​100 square meters, provided light duty tile can be quite himself.How to lay paving slabs?Technology laying clear and easy even for non-professional builders.

Step 1: Choose the shape and color of tiles

It is very diverse in these parameters.Therefore, it can be linked to the color of the house or the surrounding landscape.How to make paving tiles decoration infield?This can help the landscaper.But with no less success you can do it yourself.The main thing to consider color and texture combination with the exterior house and the adjoining land.

Step 2: Prepare tools

Laying of paving slabs with their hands will require a rubber mallet, a trowel, stakes (wooden or metal), the level of cord-poryadovkoy, garden hose, d

iffuser for him, broom, mop or rake, rammer,Profile (any flat tool), channels, pipes of any diameter, sand and cement M500.

Step 3: Preparation of the base for laying

Select location coverage, determine the location of runoff.Laying of paving slabs with their hands requires you to no less attention than that of the professional builder.So think carefully about how to make the runoff.The slope for drainage should be done at least 5% per meter, you can choose the location of the longitudinal, transverse or longitudinal cross - as you wish.

Along the edges of platforms to drive stakes.Align the surface, that it is in the same plane (to remove the excess land or to fill up, if there are holes).Then

area need more carefully align the rake.Soft ground need to moisturize, watering from a hose with a spray and walk on it rammer.

Measure the height of the base.Better if it will be two centimeters higher (in case of shrinkage).At the height of the selected stretch-cord between the sticks poryadovkoy.

On site sprinkle sand, smooth it with a rake.Properly spill with water.

If you work on a sunny day, wait 2-3 hours if cloudy - to defer further work on the day.

Now you can start to the final leveling of sand using a profile (any tool with a flat and smooth surface).

Base is ready.

Step 4: screed

Prepare a mixture of sand and cement in proportions of 8: 1.Its height should reach 3-4 centimeters.Pour the mixture and smooth the screed to make with the help of channel bar to a level surface.

Step 5: Laying elements

to determine the final design.Pull the cord on the facet of the tile.Put on a cord the first row of tiles.Under the rules of the tiles put myself on the leveled surface.

Lay the tiles diagonally.Make sure that the width of the tiles with the following joints is not increased.To do this, try to put a new element so that it is tightly related to the previous.

If after laying some of the elements will be above the general surface level, align them with the rubber hammer on the level.

Step 6: Making seams

seams need promesti sand-cement mixture.Moisten the mixture in the gaps, watering them with a hose.Can then be sprinkled with the seams again.

Step 7: Setting the transitional curbs

It is necessary to make the site or track the finished appearance.Incompleteness paving now conveniently fill out or sawn halves shaped pieces of tiles.All acquire geometric beauty.

To install the curbs at the edges of the tiles laid dig a trench to a depth border.Border put on the grout M100.The sides of the border should also shed a solution and fill with sand.

Ready.These are the main points of which requires knowledge of laying paving slabs by hand.