Sauna in the country - a holy cause

Having suburban villa, the owner is almost always concerned about the arrangement of its infrastructure.Among the obligatory buildings that should be on the site in the first place is, of course, a bath in the country, without which stay in the lap of nature away from urban civilization loses all its charm, and maybe even make sense.After all, what is the Russian bath?This is not only a way to relax.But to get the full enjoyment of physiological as null and void all the ills of the body, improves the function of the respiratory and circulatory systems, as well as the lymph nodes, adjusted salt metabolism of the body, go into oblivion signs of rheumatic bone.Nerves grow stronger, the spirit rises, the mood is set for a long time cheerful.What can I say, we all know that the bath in the country - it is a pleasure and enjoyment without boundaries.And if we build a sauna yourself, to all the above is added to the delight of pride for the work done plus the satisfaction of savings that can be invested in ot

her activities for improving suburban area.

From praise to the practical part of the move.So, we made a big decision: to build bathhouse themselves.The responsibility of this action is comparable to the construction of the house and differs only in the size of the structure.If a person has decided that the bath in the country will be delivered personally, so he knows all the features of the device foundation, walling, roofing, etc.and dealt with the construction of such facilities.Therefore, this article will touch only the features you need to know when building a bath.

modern bath cottage has a complex layout and consists of several buildings, which are located in the dressing room, shower and steam room.Arrange all the ingredients you need in a small space, occupying 12-16 sq.m.Experienced builders offer in this case to combine the washing and shower, but without a separate waiting room can not be dispensed.The basic requirements to it are in the following positions:

  • mandatory weatherization;
  • a minimum area of ​​1.3 x 2 m;
  • good lighting;
  • equipment: bench, shelf for shoes, clothes hanger.

Next, go to the wash, we decided to combine, for greater ergonomics, with shower.So, the following requirements:

  • minimum size - 1 x 2 m, optimal - 1.8 x 1.8 m;
  • separated from the pair of light washer door;
  • set in a washing bench for easy washing children or those who can not, for one reason or another to use the steam room.

And finally, the main part of the bath - steam.This is actually something for which there is a bath and.Consider the parameters that are required for each pair:

  • inside the steam must be free to be placed at least two people.It is necessary for safety, and in order to comply with the tradition that says people in the steam room not just soared, and communicate;
  • stove-heater, distributing heat and steam evenly;
  • shelves to comfortably bathe sitting, lying down or reclining;
  • high sill at low box for optimum heat retention.

Due to the fact that the bath is a specific room, finishing inside the bath also has its own characteristics.First of all, you need a serious approach to the protection of wood construction by molding and dampness.So today when buying the material owners of country cottages prefer to buy wood treated with antiseptic preparations.Further, all the boards, the boards and planks must be perfectly smooth, without knots and irregularities, which can not only be dangerous for bathers in the bath, but will delay the excess moisture.

Finishing bath inside must be such as to ensure maximum comfort during washing and cleaning process.

Enjoy Your Bath!