Lessons for beginners cross stitching

Technique embroidery cross refers to countable embroidery techniques and is considered one of the most ancient.Passion for this type of craft in our country is experiencing a period of prosperity after a long oblivion.But fifty years ago in a rare house was embroidered gizmos - napkins, cushions, towels, tablecloths, paintings and even carpets.Embroidered blouses, collars, bags were in the locker room almost every woman.

very popular now master classes and lessons for beginners cross stitching handy people.Technique embroidery cross draws its obvious decorative, availability of materials and tools, and the relative ease of acquiring skills cross stitching for beginners is of great importance.

Tools and materials for embroidery.

Before learn how to embroider a cross, should acquire the necessary tools and materials.Of course, you can take any shred, needle, thread, and has a simple start to embroider, and even to achieve some result.But a good tool - hoop size and type, convenient shears, spe

cial needles of different thickness and with different sizes of ears, turn work into pleasure.For comfortable work must purchase a lamp with light and organizer for the thread.

frame may be made of wood and plastic, conventional (manual), table, floor.Embroidery is not recommended to use conventional needles for sewing and Tapestry - with a rounded tip and larger eye.

Especially important is the correct choice of materials: plain weave fabric, canvas, yarn, silk, wool, synthetic, floss.

Craftswomen leading lessons cross stitching for beginners, think that you should start with embroidery on thick fabric large plain weave.The range of fabrics is enormous: linen, cotton, mixed.Texture, color, density, hardness, size of the fabric is selected depending on the planned operation and the task.

For beginners can recommend masters canvas - a rare special fabric weave, divided into cells.As well as the fabric, it can be of different colors and densities.Many professional needlewoman prefer to embroider on the canvas, which gives the possibility to use any fabric: wool, silk, velvet.

can embroider any thread, but floss - thread, specifically designed for this type of needlework.Skeins floss composed of thin filaments 6 and discharged from 8 to 20 meters.When the thread must be not more than 40 cm, otherwise it will be confused.Colours floss is selected depending on the selected pattern, and its wealth of colors allows you to create paintings.

illustrations embroidery

illustrations embroidery cross for beginners can be found in specialized magazines, the Internet, on my grandmother's old things.Currently more popular sets of the scheme, fabric, needle and pick colors floss.The guidelines for such a set of mandatory execution of a schematic cross that for a beginner in this case is particularly important.For a start needlewoman better to choose a simple design with few colors.

answers to frequently asked the question "how quickly embroider a cross" may be already coated canvas pattern.Unlike sets, this outline requires careful attention to the selection of colors on a scale printed under the picture.But it is - the only "difficulty".Embroidery is not under the scheme when it is necessary to count the number of crosses and flowers read characters and color drawings at once, very quickly and accelerates the process produces a result.