How to make origami paper - do fish.

Origami - what it is?This word is of Japanese origin.Origami called manufacturing various pieces of paper.Perhaps the word is not remembered from the first time and it seems difficult art.But in reality it is not so difficult.There are quite a number of sources, which describes how to make origami paper.

You do not just able to participate in it, building paper airplanes as a child and having fun with paper bombs and avoid the heat, do yourself a paper hat on his head, protecting from the sun.It's pretty tough shape, and being able to do it, can consider himself an ace in the art of origami.

Carried away by doing this, you are not required large investments.It is enough to have the house there was a paper.Using squared paper can be any shape, even without using scissors.

In the manufacture of classic origami should not be used, no additional funds, such as adhesive tape.


ordinary office paper, which is used for copiers and printers, are not fit for such work.The thing is that she was v

ery thin and frequently folded, bent, there is a strong likelihood that it will break ground in the fold.Specially made origami paper is colored on both sides.

Where to buy material before making paper origami?

For normal airplane will come from the ordinary sheet notebooks.

now many are addicted to this kind of art, and now colorful origami paper is made possible to find and buy in a bookstore.
If you can not buy it, then do not worry, you can use any paper.Main before work to check its strength, folded several times, and if it has stood the test can begin.

During operation, you should have a sheet with tips on folding origami you will use.Memorize them is not necessarily simply to pry into it.

Origami is not only fun and interesting, but also a useful exercise.Scientists have seen "magical properties" origami.

With this art can distract you from their problems, calms and makes origami focus.If you are tired, irritated, take the paper and make your favorite figure.This process you soothe, distract, you focus on new business, and enjoy the results of the work done.The art of origami promotes the development of children, and therefore teachers and child psychologists are advised to use it in school tutorial.

Adding figures you can see that they are starting to develop the same.There are various schemes which collect some figures.

Try now collect paper fish.This will be your first guide, how to make origami paper.It can easily collect the children.

To collect the figure you want to repeat complex operations and, therefore, need to take the square larger paper.

How to make origami fish?

1. First, you need to fold the sheet in half like a book.

2. The upper corners bend towards each other.The resulting house flip to the other side.

3. Pull the corners

4. Slightly lower side of the square.Turn.

5. bend the top corner.Fold the bottom corners.Rotate.

6. Mark the line in the middle.Fold in the planned lines and bend angle-tail.

7. Pull the corner.

8. Concave corner at the top.Make a fold-zipper, pull the corner of "pocket".

9. Make a crease-lightning.Bend the corner.

10. Expand and flatten the "pocket" -glaz.Pull the corner at the bottom and flatten.
And now fish out of paper for the child is ready.The result was a fish with an open mouth.

Now you know how to make origami paper and will be able to make more complex shapes.Additionally, you can learn to do three-dimensional origami paper.