Crochet napkins - an interesting and useful exercise

Today, the world is becoming more and more popular hand-made, that is all that is done by hand.That is why knitting again back in fashion.Especially crochet.Women and girls knit itself blouses, tops and even dresses, knits adorn your home.A special place in this process takes a swipe.

Crochet napkins - it is interesting occupation, endearing elegance and beauty of its result.Their lightness and ease can not leave anyone indifferent.This cloth decorates the house adds to the comfort and coziness, it is a highlight to any interior.Knit them easy and fun, fast and not tiring.

There are several different techniques of knitting.The most common - crochet napkins around.In this technique, the whole process starts from the center and moving towards the edges, gradually increasing the diameter of the product.

principle of knitting is built on just a few elements: air loop, columns and columns with nakida without nakida.The combination of these elements can be very diverse, which gives lightness and transpa

rency of a napkin.There are an infinite number of schemes such napkins are a pleasure to knit.As a result of the simple thread born fabulous flowers and ornaments, "pineapple" and "bumps."

Another technique of knitting - crochet loin cloths.It is based on just two elements - air loop and a column nakida.With their help fit sirloin grid.A pattern develops depending on the density of filling the grid with columns nakida.Most often this technique draw roses, candles and other romantic scenes.

is a growing technique of knitting napkins motives.It consists of the following.Knits several identical pieces of any shape, and then they are connected in a certain order among themselves.Such wipes can be round, square, oval or rectangular.Therefore, this technique crochet napkins is ideal for decorating the interiors of unusual surfaces - coffee table, TV table or a phone book or a shelf under the flowers.Very nice look of the motives napkins that use thread of different colors.

way, color can make any tissue.If properly and harmoniously combine colors of thread, you can turn out a masterpiece that will amaze your guests and delight your sense of beauty.This method makes crochet napkins even more interesting.

wipes - the perfect product for those who are just mastering the technique of knitting.They may be small in size and quite simple in design, making it easy to fill out and learn how to handle the hook.Knitting cloth crochet for beginners well by the fact that the ranks of tally quickly, each of them different from each other, making the process more interesting and varied crafts.

When wipes and a variety of knitting techniques are mastered, we can proceed to bigger things.For example, based on the wipes can get a beautiful tablecloth.True it is worth noting that crochet tablecloth - the process is very laborious and lengthy.So before you start knitting, you need to have patience.

napkin may also form the basis of stamp, summer blouse, cardigan.On the basis of tissue can get the original bag, umbrella, carpet - limit imagination simply can not be.

Depending on what thread you use can turn out different in texture and purpose things.But all share one thing - things are different crocheted home comfort, they are very comfortable in any weather.And another plus - they are exclusive, no one else will you find such.