Insects origami.

How many times confronted with origami as an art form, and just one of the types of crafts, many times surprised versatility of this simple class, which eventually allows you to create amazing masterpieces.It seems that the elements will not be allowed to disperse more imagination already studied schemes - so there!On the Internet you can find more and more toys made by the technique of origami, such as Origami "spider."Probably the creation of this miracle has inspired the entire country's favorite TV series "Father's Daughter" - very unusual choice of animal for its imprint in the form of a souvenir.

So Origami "spider."For its creation will require about 300-400 leaves, from which you can make the module - the basis of any masterpiece in the style of origami.The module is turned off from the square of construction paper.It is not advisable to use diy cardboard - it gives products rudeness, the more that is difficult to bend the cardboard - and the module will turn tight and out of the ordinary shee

t.If your spider is an albino, it is allowed to use ordinary office paper.No need to also look specifically two-color paper - still one party will be wrapped inside the module.

The most difficult and time consuming to create any origami - is to prepare a sufficient number of modules.Itself did not work hard, and, continue once said circuit to create modules can be easily screwed them as much as needed for the option chosen crafts.It is difficult to another - not to lose patience with the implementation of this dreary work.Therefore, it is recommended at this stage to involve the work of all the free household, especially children, from pre-school age.Why them?The fact that origami trains fine motor skills of hands, which is very important for preschoolers, who just are in the process of development of the main functions of the central nervous system.Especially strong is possible to observe the connection between the well-developed fine motor skills and speech center in children.So do not hesitate for a long time what to do on a rainy day - gather round a table and arrange a competition: who is faster and better than the others lay down, say, 50 units of origami.

By and large, origami "spider" does not require a huge number of modules.Reptile turns quite natural and even very nice when compared to natural spider.There are options for Origami "spider" in a different color, a different arrangement of limbs.In general, some embodiments of the finished craft, especially if you make them in a small format, you can quite easily be confused in the distance with a lively and quite natural spider.On the Internet laid out ready workshops how to make origami spider.Your task - to determine his views clearly and follow the instructions.For work other than paper, glue required - many limbs will need to glue it to the body of the craft.

Of course, the boys are more interested in not reptiles and arthropods our smaller brothers, and receiving a gift origami "Spider-Man."That this may have a little trouble.Variants of the toys of this kind is very small - only two or three stand out in the search engines of the Internet.Therefore, if the offspring is very much want to get this toy will have to stretch the imagination, connect to the production of the offspring and create something of their own inimitable.Perhaps it should be a rather large figure, since the proposed options for reduced size with a big head and practically with the lack of torso look bednovato and uninteresting.If you get something good - please share your discovery with those who also have young fans of the original toys origami!