An amazing piece of art called origami money

Most of the inhabitants of our country, and probably many other countries, the question: "What is the most essential and original gifts, you know? - For sure will give the answer -" Money ". Needed - definitely! But here's theoriginal gift? As a matter of fact, that money can not only be printed dry pieces of paper, enclosed in a gift envelope. They can come as a surprise, talisman, and even a kind of challenge, if we turn to the ancient art of origami.

The word "origami" intranslation speaks for itself: "ori" and "gami" respectively mean "paper" and "folding." Surprisingly, not in China, which invented paper, and in Japan originated this amazing ability of human hands and imagination to put the amazing figures made of paper. Probably I played the role of the similarity of words in the Japanese language, "God" and "paper". Therefore, the paper obtained the divine creation in the hands of masters. In ancient Japan is the ability to become a part of the culture of aristocracy and hereditary.And even in

some noble families of origami was used for the coat of arms and the press.

Nowadays, the ability to fold paper diverse figures acquired a shade of the original gift.Origami money firmly taken a leading position in prepodnoshenii of gifts and surprises.Just as the foundation was used banknote, which made expensive gift in every sense.Increasingly in demand orders for unusual cash bouquets, which you can choose the basis for any financial opportunities.And on Christmas Eve gift package or a box of chocolates, or decorate the star bows out of bills.If you want something less pretentious - give origami out of money in the form of ancient scrolls.But the idea for the company that wants to pamper their employees something unusual - origami out of money in the form of a Christmas tree, where everyone will be able to pick up a twig "in memory" as a New Year gift from the management.

Such monetary crafts are admired, and many are considered works of art, but there are creative ideas, evokes a smile, such as the creation of the Park Won a toilet.Basically, these SuperDuper works are carried out for a variety of exhibitions, but quite a large number of simple jobs you can do with your hands.

example, a kind of mascot - origami out of money "shirt" made of banknote face value that you choose for yourself.This petite shirt fits comfortably in a purse someone you know, it will bring good luck and will serve as a reminder of you.Remarkably fit as a present, and colleagues at the office or a bank clerk, copying their everyday work clothes.

And if you make a gift to the bride or sister, the origami out of money "butterfly" will not leave indifferent any of the female sex.After all, such a product is the personification of the air, the beautiful and fabulous creations, created by nature - swift-winged butterfly.Thus, you may even contribute to the protection of these creatures, which use both living and dead (dried) as gifts.And your origami "Butterfly" will be beautiful, and the only one of its kind, especially because it will last much longer than their living counterpart.

Before folding origami out of money, is trained on plain paper, cut out from it parts the size of the desired note.In order to understand how to create a particular shape, you can use the books devoted to the art of origami, or the relevant Internet resources (you can even find a step by step workshops with video instructions).Using simple techniques of folding and connecting your imagination, you can turn ordinary day into a bright and emotional.Origami money will allow you to impress your friends and loved ones and make them happy sverhoriginalnyh gift.