Create beauty - knitting crochet flowers

Crochet - one of the favorite pastimes handy people.And what miracles you can create, gain experience - just marvel divueshsya.Small air wipes, luxury scarves, beautiful sweaters and much more.One of the most exciting lessons can perhaps be regarded as knitting crochet flowers.

Knitting crochet flowers for beginners will seem a heavy exercise, but if you do some work on technique, then anyone can learn.Conjuring to create crocheted flowers, can be folded amazing bouquets, which undoubtedly will please your family and friends.

Using knitting crochet flowers can be made not only beautiful objects to transform your interior, but also to complement their image.Knitted flower brooch can be used as an addition to the handbag or hat, and you can make some flowers and put them together in the form of beads.

largely knitting crochet flowers depends on the choice of yarn, a hook and a method for breeding.Opt for wool yarn, you get a wonderful result fluffy flower, as if he were air, because all the contours

are blurred.And if you take the cotton, they will clearly see the outline of the flower and can get quite interesting version of the product.

Sometimes crocheted flowers almost indistinguishable from the living.And, importantly, you can create a mysterious and unique flower, one that will draw you to your imagination.Using different colors, different types of yarn and different techniques you can work a miracle.

knitting crochet flowers better to use cotton thread, well, to give a completely surprising effect can take with lurex thread.To not buy a lot of yarn, as well as for the color of the material do not need a lot, you can take the remaining thread from any product.Another interesting solution is to choose melange thread on the petals will emerge absolutely amazing figure, and on each petal unique.The hook should be selected as thin as possible, so that the flowers were beautiful shape.

to create a full flower, you will need to fix it on the stem.After visiting almost any store, you can find a variety of stems.This is mainly stems from plastic sheets of tissue.But you can tie the hook and leaves, so you'll have a unique composition.The flowers on the stems attach firmly as possible, so that they are well kept.

Knitted flower can be decorated with stones, beads or sequins.It is also possible to add a variety of flower swirls, or other hanging items.You can come up with your own version and flower decoration.

order to give the correct form of knitted flower, spray starch solution to it.To cook it, dilute the required amount of starch in cold water to the state of slurry, then add the boiling water.Starches are timed 1-1.5 tablespoons per liter of water.Then add to the mix a little laundry bluing solution and strain through cheesecloth, it is easy to spray and the nebulizer not scored.Form attach until the product is dry.

But colors can produce not only a hook, knitting needles colors no less interesting to do.Spokes must be selected thin petals and knit as tight as possible.Vyvyazav its unique bouquet, you can use it as a gift, as well as for the transformation of the interior.

Petals can be knit in a conventional technique of the chain, and in a circular.You can also use a more sophisticated technique of Irish lace.And you can vyvyazat flower using jacquard pattern and many other techniques.

Create crocheted flowers for themselves and their loved ones and bring joy.You - the pleasure of working, the other - a nice gift.