Braiding on short hair

Pigtails - a great way to decorate women's hair, and change the way of.Today, beauty salons and many offer private master at a reasonable cost to braid beautiful hairstyles in a variety of styles.They may be asked to make absolutely any style: from the original to the ordinary braided dreadlocks spikelets number of different strands of hair.

Learn to make braiding short hair quite difficult.All you need to do - it's a bit of practical lessons, material (pins, styling, combs, etc.) and the time to perform the haircuts.It should be noted that many of the girls in a relatively short period of time learn the most common and popular techniques such technology as braiding short hair.Below is one of the most popular hairstyles.

instructions regarding how to make the weaving braids on short hair.

initial action.

need to create such braids on a well washed, dried and combed her hair, which must be separated from the head to the forehead by a smooth parting.Near it is necessary to allocate a lock of hair a

nd comb it, and then use to make braiding short hair.

Next you need to braid pigtail itself, but do not forget that the hair in this case, you can not drag because the hair should be as dense, but in any case not tightened.To braid braids a lot, you must dopletat each one of the dedicated strand to the very end, a thread to tie the tip, and then allocate a new strand of hair next to the already braids.Then you need to comb it and start doing braiding short hair the same way as the first time.This sluduet allocate strands of hair that have the same thickness, because in this case the hair, braided short hair will look neat, nice and evenly.

most popular weave hairstyles for short hair - it's African braids.To make the volume and lush afrokosy, you'll need a man-made fiber as kanekalon.It dopletaetsya to own hair, so unusual and should conform to their natural color.It should be noted that using such kanekalona can increase the length braids and transform themselves short voldosy long.That is why it is very attractive to those girls who dream of escape from his short curls, turned in a relatively short time in the owners of long strands.

To make afrokosy, you need to divide the head into small enough portions of the square shape.On each such site is necessary to allocate a strand of hair, comb it, and begin to weave braid neat and beautiful, podpletaya same kanekalon, starting from the roots.At the time when their hair crusts over, you just need to continue to weave braids using kanekalon.When he reached the end, you need tips scald with boiling water.

Braiding of curly curls easier than of straight strands.This can be explained by the fact that curly hairs less noticeable rough transitions from natural to artificial curls short fiber.After braiding a must see, do not stick out any excess hair from haircuts.If they prevail, they may be simply cut using ordinary scissors.It should be noted that the popular afrokosy often weave in those cases when there vozmozhnot go on vacation.After all, like weaving able to make hair does not interfere with his mistress.