Blackberry garden - planting and care

Gardeners amateurs and professionals have long been interested in cultivation of blackberries.She has appeared in America in the thirties of the 19th century by breeders breeding cultivars of the wild species.Gradually blackberry garden conquered the world because of its berries contain vitamins than in raspberries.Medicinal properties are also impressive.BlackBerry helps reduce inflammation of the joints, it included in the diet in diabetes, diseases of the stomach and intestines.In addition, it has antipyretic effect, and normalizes metabolism.

varieties and planting blackberries

Blackberry recalls raspberries, but white, black or dark purple.It is fragrant and shiny.There are varieties with a rounded or elongated berries.It can freeze in the winter, and, unlike raspberries, blackberries garden does not lose its qualities.Typically, berry bushes has a creeping kind, with shoots covered with spikes that can reach two to four meters.But there are varieties of upright and devoid of thorns.

are two types of blackberries: rosyaniki creeping and erect brambles.Varieties of the first group may not have spikes, high-yield.Grades of the second group the average yield, but with a compact bush, they can be planted grounds.

the winter blackberry necessary to cover, since it does not tolerate frost.Growing berries is not special difficulties.However, sometimes the gardeners do not have enough information on how to care for her.As the basic care of plants used topping shoots and watering, especially in the fruiting period.Very rarely blackberry garden pest infestation.But the danger may be raspberry beetle.As a means of pest control you can use the Bordeaux water or the infusion of garlic.In the fall of conduct cutting woody and fruiting shoots.Young shoots as they grow tie up to a trellis, if necessary thinned.In the spring cut the side shoots.Blackberry bushes need mulch, which uses needles, sawdust and other materials.

Blackberry thornless varieties propagated in four ways.The first involves the division of the bush, which is counter-productive goal.Second, the most successful - the tops of the shoots.For this option to succeed, it is necessary that during the growth of shoots soil was moistened enough.Only at the end of August, you can bend down and shoots dropwise top.They need time to take root, long standing warm days of autumn.Already rooted tops cut off from the main escape harbor for the winter, spring garden blackberry transplanted to a new location.The third method of reproduction of berry bushes - etiolated shoots, fourth - breeding cuttings.

for landing blackberry dig a hole depth of forty to sixty centimeters, making it in potash fertilizers, compost and superphosphate.After planting, the plant well watered.But we can not allow water to stagnate in the roots.In case blackberry seedlings newly planted, produce shoots, their trimmed, leaving no more than five pieces.It is necessary to shorten the new growth that reaches ninety centimeters in length.It contributes to the growth of new branches and the harvest.Fruiting in early varieties begins in June, later produce berries in October.Harvest from one bush pletistyh, trailing varieties can range from fifty to seventy kilograms.

garden berries to give a good harvest, observance of farming blackberry.Keep in mind that plants begin to bear fruit within two years after planting.When shortening the shoots must adhere to expert advice.It is very important watering during flowering and ripening of berries, fertilizing and mulching.Subject to all conditions, blackberry delight harvest.